Friday, December 28, 2007

Everyday is an adventure!

So I woke up this morning and drank the normal amount of espresso and just started rocking out and calling people to see what the day might hold. Then the door bell rung and it was the Cooper Family and Jim had a dead Duck in his and hand and was like "you want a duck?" Yes, Yes I do. Jim then plucked the duck and I was left to gut it myself. The duck was flying in the air like half hr before I was cutting it up in my kitchen sink. So on the menu tonight is Duck.

Monday, December 17, 2007

Ski time.

So Chilliwack kind of had a little bit of a cold snap last week and so we all went Skiing, I skied 5 days out of 8 and I am just loving it. Skiing makes riding a bike seam like a cake walk.
Corn Dawg Waxing up the sticks

Toby waiting for Connor

Sunday, December 02, 2007

Nordic and Nasty

I went skate skiing with the Polish wonder child today. "oh my skis are so slow" is all I heard all day. Right my skis are slow. More like I was on fire and someone was not up to par. We skied for 4hrs and when we got back to the car there was like 20cm of snow on it. Then I drove home and it took me 2hr45min to do the drive, Hwy 1 was like a ice rink with a bunch of guys in 4x4 just driving like mad. There was cars in the ditch everywhere. I am just glad to be home. If you don't have to drive tonight, don't.

Saturday, December 01, 2007

Snow time!

So its just dumping snow in chilliwack. I think I am going to hit up some Nordic action tomorrow. I was just out doing some e brakes/donuts in the auto, oh good times. "Let the good times roll" I emailed Toby my schedule for next week and when I could play squash and this is what I got sent back to me.

"So... squash Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday. I am in and I'm going to do my best to tear you a new one. (I've decided to subdue my squash shit-talking until I win. Can you tell the difference?) I played Mike last night. It was not hard. Not one good shot was going to be returned, so I bounced it high and into the middle for him until we rallied for about 10 shots a point, then I killed it into a corner."

Oh and the reno is basically done. check the photos.

some photos of the best week ever!

Friday, November 30, 2007

Crazy Carpets and "Pork"

All right this past week has just been unreal! Some of the best times of my life! Last night might have been the best night ever! A group of us went to do a night hike up to the top of Elk and it was unreal, the view at the top was amazing with the clear Sky's the stars were unreal and the big city lights of the wack was incredible. Then on the way down we busted out the crazy carpets and it was a free for all carnage fest, it was a demolition Derby on sleds. We hit some mock neck speeds! I took some big hits on my tail bone and am kind of sore right now, I might have to take in some vitamin I. The great thing is we might all be a little sore but no one really hurt themselves and we can all ride/paddle/drink coffee today and are not stuck in the hospital. speaking of injury's do you all remember when I hit Toby in the face with my Squash racket? well Toby's tooth went dead and now he has to get a root canal, sorry Toby.

I love liver and onions. It is one of my favorite feasts. For me nothing beats a Liver and Onions on rice with a man sized portion of ketchup. However, Kurt and Kristen don't really like it, in fact they hate it, its makes them both gag. So I don't cook it up for dinner, its now a staple in Ricky's Lunch. Then I just leave the Liver in the fridge and use it some other time. The other day Kristen went to get some "pork" out of the fridge. She took the Liver with out knowing. "uh how did you cook this pork?" She took one bite of the liver and gaged, it was sweet.

I finished the flooring to. the stairs are done. I love it. Carpets suck. unless they are "crazy". Also I saw the movie into the wild, it was so good. I think you should see it. The mt biking was unreal on the weekend, I think the trails are the best I have ever seen in November. Played hockey last Friday and was on fire. I will post some photos of the the good times when get them. I am going to leave you all with a Haiku poem that Kurt sent me.

Boots in Sumas yo.
Snow on Baker is wicked.
Lets go skiing bro.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

More reasons to give thanks!

the centerpiece.
Conor wants to shoot something. Well he is from Alberta!
Hey Toby, if you think the Squash racket in the face hurt just wait till I shoot you!
Kurt, yeah you showed up eh? huh? y'all come back real soon!

Friday, November 23, 2007


I am back! sorry for posting nothing for almost a month. I really want to apologize to Sylvan's grandmother, yes I am still alive. I bet you thought I fell off a mountain? so I have been riding my bike for the past 4 weeks and things are going great with my fitness. But there was really nothing worth telling y'all about, I did some long road rides, tore the gym apart, and yes I did beat Toby in squash every time we played, oh.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving in the U.S. of eh. since Kurt is an American and since we did it last year we did a mean turkey dinner. Kurt had to do a training camp and was not even here but its ok, I guess I will have to eat all the leftovers. Sorry Kurt. Oh man this Turkey Breakfast Sandwich is unreal. Anyhow we moved a bunch of tables around and lots of fun people showed up with different food and it was unreal! We made a table centre piece with an American flag, a gun, a bunch of MacDonald's garbage, and a baseball bat. We also hung a photo of George W. on the wall. Having a gun at the table makes for some good dinner time laughs.

A couple days ago Toby and I did a river run and it was really cool. There must have been like 100 bald eagles in this 7km section of river. There was also tons of seagulls at the end and tons of fish/dieing fish/dead fish. After we finished and drove back up to get the car we thought we would hike through the woods to the river where there were the most bald eagles and get some sweet photos. When we got there almost all the eagles moved on but there was lots of dead fish around. We took a stick and poked the dead fish for a while we were thinking it would be kind of funny to take a photo pretending to eat the dead fish. Well long story short I ended up hitting myself in the face with a stick full of rotten fish guts. I think my face still smells and I think Toby is still gutting himself laughing.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Full Faux Hawk!

My Hair was getting really long last week, so long that it was affecting my Squash game. Yeah Toby was winning one game per my 4. as per the usual 4 games to zero. I think I was just over heating. After the Faux Hawk I wanted to hike the lions. Then I ended up hiking it on a wicked unreal day with Marty and Tara on Saturday. Marty and I tried to do some "climbing" but all we had was a rope and Marty got infected and we had to turn back. I wanted to go to the top so bad that when we finished the Hike I went right to MEC and got a rope and some rock climbing stuff and then went home and planed to do it with Nate the next day. C-dawg showed me all the knots and methods and before you know it I was repelling off the front deck. Sunday I did do it with Nate but it Pissed rain all day and there was no way we were going to make it so we had to turn around. Oh well its OK I will just drink my Coffee out of my Fernie mug and life will be fine.

Anna giving me the "faux hawk". don't worry that's not real back hair.

C dawgs going to be a school boy.
Marty and Tara half way up the lions hike.
Don't fall Tara!
Oh this was fun!
my sweet new rat tail. My Mom would not let me have a rat tail when I was 10. But now that I'm 26 I can do it. So Bo yeah in your face Mom!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Urban Camping?

You all have heard of "urban riding" and "urban repelling" and maybe even "urban climbing" right? So what about Urban Camping? I went to Merritt/Kamloops this past weekend to watch a rally car race and Cross Nationals. I went with Marty and Tara and it was a ton of fun. Full on camping in the Wal Mart parking lot. The real story is when Marty hears some guy behind the tent and goes to see what is up. Then this guy hides behind bush and Marty goes to see whats up, the guy just starts running. So Marty dressed in full thermo tights starts running after him, long story short Marty Tackles this guy in a grass Field.
Marty "hey man whats your problem? why are you such a low life?"
Drunk dude "I'm not a low life, I got a wife"

Marty setting up the sweet new use it for one night and return it air mattress.
Good morning.
rally race in Merritt.
I ripped out all my carpet and am putting in some new floors. reno time!
I will post photos of the reno when its done.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Photo time

Yesterday I got to Demo this 2008 Trek Fuel EX8 bike, it was unreal, I rode trails on Vedder for 7hrs. Then there is photos of my car. Then its the Macfarlane hike.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

"Jerry's going to be a cable boy"

Oh I am still alive, I hiked Mt Macfarlane with Nate and Marty over the weekend. Best hike of my life, no joke. I have some wicked unreal photos of the Hike and my car. I did a river run yesterday and today I am riding a demo bike, its a trek fuel EX 8 for 2008 and I am so fired up to ride this thing. I am going to go huge cause it has 5inches of travel, oh I am going to Huck this 40foot gap, dude man, its going be silly. right. Ok I will post photos but this site is having some problems with photo posting right now, I will post. don't worry. You will all see this hike/car/40ft gap jump! OK more coffee and then I will ride. out.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Driving round in Jon Voits car.

I was so excited to do this river run today and we get there and I forgot my life jacket. Oh I am just raging inside. So I had to drive in the car down and just played around at the take out and did some rolls. My roll is good! So this week has been real good. Friday I did a river run and this dog ran down the river and followed us for like 5km and got pinned on this log in the river, the dog was fine. Then the fish were just flying out of the river. Then when I got back to the bottom some tool tried to take my scooter, and all he did was wreck the ignition. Tons of rage! I played Marty in Squash Saturday. Ate Turkey all weekend. Went Dirt biking with my Uncle/cousins/dad on Monday. Hiked Frosty Mountain in Manning park on Tuesday. Tried to fix this truck up on Wednesday. Thursday I bought a 1989 Toyota Tercel cause we don't really know how to fix the truck. Friday was today and I played hockey this morning. I am doing a over night hike tomorrow.