Friday, November 30, 2007

Crazy Carpets and "Pork"

All right this past week has just been unreal! Some of the best times of my life! Last night might have been the best night ever! A group of us went to do a night hike up to the top of Elk and it was unreal, the view at the top was amazing with the clear Sky's the stars were unreal and the big city lights of the wack was incredible. Then on the way down we busted out the crazy carpets and it was a free for all carnage fest, it was a demolition Derby on sleds. We hit some mock neck speeds! I took some big hits on my tail bone and am kind of sore right now, I might have to take in some vitamin I. The great thing is we might all be a little sore but no one really hurt themselves and we can all ride/paddle/drink coffee today and are not stuck in the hospital. speaking of injury's do you all remember when I hit Toby in the face with my Squash racket? well Toby's tooth went dead and now he has to get a root canal, sorry Toby.

I love liver and onions. It is one of my favorite feasts. For me nothing beats a Liver and Onions on rice with a man sized portion of ketchup. However, Kurt and Kristen don't really like it, in fact they hate it, its makes them both gag. So I don't cook it up for dinner, its now a staple in Ricky's Lunch. Then I just leave the Liver in the fridge and use it some other time. The other day Kristen went to get some "pork" out of the fridge. She took the Liver with out knowing. "uh how did you cook this pork?" She took one bite of the liver and gaged, it was sweet.

I finished the flooring to. the stairs are done. I love it. Carpets suck. unless they are "crazy". Also I saw the movie into the wild, it was so good. I think you should see it. The mt biking was unreal on the weekend, I think the trails are the best I have ever seen in November. Played hockey last Friday and was on fire. I will post some photos of the the good times when get them. I am going to leave you all with a Haiku poem that Kurt sent me.

Boots in Sumas yo.
Snow on Baker is wicked.
Lets go skiing bro.

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