Monday, October 29, 2007

Full Faux Hawk!

My Hair was getting really long last week, so long that it was affecting my Squash game. Yeah Toby was winning one game per my 4. as per the usual 4 games to zero. I think I was just over heating. After the Faux Hawk I wanted to hike the lions. Then I ended up hiking it on a wicked unreal day with Marty and Tara on Saturday. Marty and I tried to do some "climbing" but all we had was a rope and Marty got infected and we had to turn back. I wanted to go to the top so bad that when we finished the Hike I went right to MEC and got a rope and some rock climbing stuff and then went home and planed to do it with Nate the next day. C-dawg showed me all the knots and methods and before you know it I was repelling off the front deck. Sunday I did do it with Nate but it Pissed rain all day and there was no way we were going to make it so we had to turn around. Oh well its OK I will just drink my Coffee out of my Fernie mug and life will be fine.

Anna giving me the "faux hawk". don't worry that's not real back hair.

C dawgs going to be a school boy.
Marty and Tara half way up the lions hike.
Don't fall Tara!
Oh this was fun!
my sweet new rat tail. My Mom would not let me have a rat tail when I was 10. But now that I'm 26 I can do it. So Bo yeah in your face Mom!


Sylvain's Grand Mother said...

You are a bad Kid Ricky !
take good care

tb said...

ricky, can you please send me a few good pics from the hike