Sunday, December 02, 2007

Nordic and Nasty

I went skate skiing with the Polish wonder child today. "oh my skis are so slow" is all I heard all day. Right my skis are slow. More like I was on fire and someone was not up to par. We skied for 4hrs and when we got back to the car there was like 20cm of snow on it. Then I drove home and it took me 2hr45min to do the drive, Hwy 1 was like a ice rink with a bunch of guys in 4x4 just driving like mad. There was cars in the ditch everywhere. I am just glad to be home. If you don't have to drive tonight, don't.


Connor said...

I'm from the Nordic and Nasty Old School and I'm going to show you Mr. ricky what Captian Double-pole can do! Skate skiing is total body and when My legs are tiring I just turn on the double pole overdrive! Have you seen these guns lately!?! I was made for this victory!!! let's get it on! And tell the polish wonder that I'll even wax his skis for him with the flourocarbons and he'll still have "slow skis"!

smardie said...

hmm, sounds like an amateur talking. id like to see "mr. Big s" and "mr. Flurocarbon" with what technique he may have.
and no thanks i dont want any "Flour" on my skiis, it's spelled Flurocarbon.

Connor said...

Woooooooooo. Mr. Smardie-pants weighs in! "Flurocarbons" are for pussies-- Flour-o-carbons is my own special blend of a white-passion graphite wax with wheat flax oil, hot waxed at 152.356 degrees for the killer glide! You ain't seen shit boy till you see my finishing kick!