Tuesday, October 16, 2007

"Jerry's going to be a cable boy"

Oh I am still alive, I hiked Mt Macfarlane with Nate and Marty over the weekend. Best hike of my life, no joke. I have some wicked unreal photos of the Hike and my car. I did a river run yesterday and today I am riding a demo bike, its a trek fuel EX 8 for 2008 and I am so fired up to ride this thing. I am going to go huge cause it has 5inches of travel, oh I am going to Huck this 40foot gap, dude man, its going be silly. right. Ok I will post photos but this site is having some problems with photo posting right now, I will post. don't worry. You will all see this hike/car/40ft gap jump! OK more coffee and then I will ride. out.

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