Friday, November 23, 2007


I am back! sorry for posting nothing for almost a month. I really want to apologize to Sylvan's grandmother, yes I am still alive. I bet you thought I fell off a mountain? so I have been riding my bike for the past 4 weeks and things are going great with my fitness. But there was really nothing worth telling y'all about, I did some long road rides, tore the gym apart, and yes I did beat Toby in squash every time we played, oh.

Yesterday was Thanksgiving in the U.S. of eh. since Kurt is an American and since we did it last year we did a mean turkey dinner. Kurt had to do a training camp and was not even here but its ok, I guess I will have to eat all the leftovers. Sorry Kurt. Oh man this Turkey Breakfast Sandwich is unreal. Anyhow we moved a bunch of tables around and lots of fun people showed up with different food and it was unreal! We made a table centre piece with an American flag, a gun, a bunch of MacDonald's garbage, and a baseball bat. We also hung a photo of George W. on the wall. Having a gun at the table makes for some good dinner time laughs.

A couple days ago Toby and I did a river run and it was really cool. There must have been like 100 bald eagles in this 7km section of river. There was also tons of seagulls at the end and tons of fish/dieing fish/dead fish. After we finished and drove back up to get the car we thought we would hike through the woods to the river where there were the most bald eagles and get some sweet photos. When we got there almost all the eagles moved on but there was lots of dead fish around. We took a stick and poked the dead fish for a while we were thinking it would be kind of funny to take a photo pretending to eat the dead fish. Well long story short I ended up hitting myself in the face with a stick full of rotten fish guts. I think my face still smells and I think Toby is still gutting himself laughing.

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