Friday, October 12, 2007

Driving round in Jon Voits car.

I was so excited to do this river run today and we get there and I forgot my life jacket. Oh I am just raging inside. So I had to drive in the car down and just played around at the take out and did some rolls. My roll is good! So this week has been real good. Friday I did a river run and this dog ran down the river and followed us for like 5km and got pinned on this log in the river, the dog was fine. Then the fish were just flying out of the river. Then when I got back to the bottom some tool tried to take my scooter, and all he did was wreck the ignition. Tons of rage! I played Marty in Squash Saturday. Ate Turkey all weekend. Went Dirt biking with my Uncle/cousins/dad on Monday. Hiked Frosty Mountain in Manning park on Tuesday. Tried to fix this truck up on Wednesday. Thursday I bought a 1989 Toyota Tercel cause we don't really know how to fix the truck. Friday was today and I played hockey this morning. I am doing a over night hike tomorrow.

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