Thursday, October 25, 2007

Urban Camping?

You all have heard of "urban riding" and "urban repelling" and maybe even "urban climbing" right? So what about Urban Camping? I went to Merritt/Kamloops this past weekend to watch a rally car race and Cross Nationals. I went with Marty and Tara and it was a ton of fun. Full on camping in the Wal Mart parking lot. The real story is when Marty hears some guy behind the tent and goes to see what is up. Then this guy hides behind bush and Marty goes to see whats up, the guy just starts running. So Marty dressed in full thermo tights starts running after him, long story short Marty Tackles this guy in a grass Field.
Marty "hey man whats your problem? why are you such a low life?"
Drunk dude "I'm not a low life, I got a wife"

Marty setting up the sweet new use it for one night and return it air mattress.
Good morning.
rally race in Merritt.
I ripped out all my carpet and am putting in some new floors. reno time!
I will post photos of the reno when its done.

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Tom said...

Oh that is a good story! Could I buy it from you?