Friday, December 28, 2012

How Many is To Many?

New York Times Tunnel Creek Avalanche.
This story should hit very close to home for many people who ski on a regular basis and live in the greater Vancouver area. The big avalanche happened last year at Steven's pass. Three people died and one girl was saved by an ABS backpack. I feel like the story is told very well, its interesting and very sad. Since we did a "bro's gone wild" ski trip last year with 13 people I have questioned the safety in numbers thing. I don't really feel its as safe or as fun to ski with such a big group and now I like to keep the group size to less then four. I also feel skiing with just one other person the most fun for skiing purposes. I read somewhere with every extra person the day takes one hour longer per extra person. Plus if you have a bunch of competitive dudes all together then a pissing contest can get out of hand and cause some serious problems. Keep the rubber side down.  

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas

Toby came to town last week. We've been skiing a couple times all ready. On day one Toby hucked his meat off a big drop and tweaked his knee a bit. So we had to take a couple days off, that's ok, it was Christmas and spending time with your family is also good times.
Maverick Espresso. The best way to start your day.
Clearbrook Coffee Company just dropped off some of the new goods. Thats a 12 shot espresso maker from Italy that Connor Curson got for me a couple years ago. We filled this sucker up and I took down 2 shots Toby killed the other 10 shots.

pow town Coquihalla
The first day we skied was very good. The Coquihalla just got hammered the whole week before with like 40cm every night. With no new snow in the short range forecast we figured we better get er done.

Toby owning the pow.

Toby on on the moon.
The second day we skied one of my favorite areas, we kinda went on a mission to explore because over the Christmas holiday the masses from the city had "skied out" the aspect we normally ski. Anyhow, we climbed to the top of the moon and found a crazy untouched pow town that no one has skied in a long while. Its the best when you go out exploring and find a new area or aspect that you can enjoy in the future.    

Toby down

Nate Dawg pole dancer.

Max and George keeping warm. 

Monday, December 17, 2012

"this is the best snow I've ever seen!"

I only got out skiing once this last week. I worked all week and only got to ski sunday. Just living the dream. I dont know how people do it. Anyhow on sunday it was good, about as good as it can get. Connor, Melanie and I hit up a back country ski area that was out of this world. There was two people on snow shoes and 2 other back country skiers we ran into on the day. Not saying where we went because running into 4 others in better then running into 50. However the snow shoe guys ruined both our skin tracks. But it was hard to get angry when there was 40cm fresh of the driest lightest powder I've ever seen. It was a meat hucking good time.  
Corn Dawg getting real. 

sick section in the trees. 

yup there is some good snow out in BC right now. 

skin track. 

lunch time. 

Mel hucking meat. 

Connor stomping it. 

116 under foot what!

helloooooo, Im Connooor, I like to take my tiiiiiiimme and eaaaat. Hellllllloooooooo La La la. 

check out the sweet crown I blew off before connor back flipped this sucka. 

post ski big mac. Boss!

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dear Deer.

Where does your meat come from? Its always nice knowing where your food comes from. This past summer I grew a lot of food in a garden, caught a bunch of fish in the Vedder river and gathered my own eggs from my own chickens. But this hunter gatherer story takes the cake.
Craig shot this little guy in the fall, rumor has it he was in a garden chowing down on some hosta plants. 
fast forward a couple months and we have breakfast sausage in the pan! 

part of a compete breakfast! 
We also did some skiing, I cant remember the location but it was good. The sun came out and turned all the south facing slopes to soft serve. So we went on a north facing powder hunt and found the goods.
the last storm left us with around 60cm of fresh goods. here Melanie want to head down and get that 60cm hitting her in the face. 

I haven't really been in the back country game all that long, but I've seen popularity grow beyond a good size and to a point where we have to choose our area's on weekends, otherwise you see way to many people. this was a group of like 8 split boarders. full traffic jam.  

Mel on the down.

found some north facing goods on a different mountain. see not sun affected. 

pow, shade, trees

Met up with some others from Vancouver. Jaine, Scott, and Greg from Abbotsford

this was a really windy afternoon, here Scott, hits the goods.

just beautiful. 

Scott leading the way back to the top.
After talking about knowing where your food comes from we hit the MacDonalds. I hit the MacDonalds 4 days in a row. I didnt eat MacDonalds from March of 1998-Jan1 2009. I dont really have many regrets in life but that might be one of them. 
living the dream. Melanie is enjoying her Bacon Cheeseburger Delux. My BCD is in my gut at this point. all this for under 10$, you cant lose, can you? 

nope! you cant. 

Sunday, December 09, 2012

Flying Japanese Chickens.

I've been skiing a lot the last while, we just had a huge storm roll through Hokkaido Japan and just did some of the best skiing I have ever seen. The first 2 days were just out of this world, you could huck your meat and live the dream. On the way home we would stop at mac D's every time. I feel like gold, and they say that stuff is bad for you? I don't get it.
over the extra long weekend I broke about 2000m vertical of trail in 60cm fresh. it was some of the hardest most rewarding work I have ever done. 

Getting pitted, so pitted! This one was a big one for me. But the snow was so deep it could have been another 20ft higher and you still would have been fine. Looking back I should have back flipped this thing.  

in your face!

Etsell and Dawg Brew skinning up the gully. 

Etsell getting his cliff huck on. 

60cm fresh, Cakes, Mannhattans, and HighBalls. Plus my Japanese super car. Oh MAMA! 

Mel getting Deep. 

CDM with his pow eating grin. 
does life really get any better? this is Mac's version of the jbc. I like! Money cant buy happiness but $1.79 can! 

Monday, December 03, 2012

Welcome Back Winter

I think winter is finally here! Got out twice this weekend! Saturday Mel and I  went up to Paul Ridge and skined right from the parking lot and found crazy deep snow.  We were expecting to get rained on and hike with our skis on our back for a long time so this deep snow was a great shock. We didn't start crazy early but we were still the first people up the trail. I dont know if I've ever broken trail at paul ridge before but I got the pleasure this time. I left the camera in the car cause I thought it would suck but it was killer. Sunday we drove out to the Duffey and it was really good, best day this year, as good as it gets really. 
Paul Ridge parking lot. no snow. right after this I put the camera in the car and we found some deep snow! 

Sunday the team drove out to the Duffey with the Nathans, Chris, Andy, Mel and I. We went to Joffre shoulder. Here Chris is figuring out how much off course we really are. We ended up going up the wrong ridge but it worked out really well cause we got some sweet runs in in the wrong area that led us into the right area. Things always work out, you must believe. 

Mel and the Nathan's on the up track. full pow town.

Switchback extravaganza!

This might be as good as life gets! Metal poles, the best ski gear known to man, and papa johns pizza. oh yeah lots of fresh snow.

Clearbrook Coffee Company CEO making the magic happen.


Mel having her Cake. These skis are unreal! 


More Chris. 

Andy and Chris post ski in Pemby.