Monday, December 03, 2012

Welcome Back Winter

I think winter is finally here! Got out twice this weekend! Saturday Mel and I  went up to Paul Ridge and skined right from the parking lot and found crazy deep snow.  We were expecting to get rained on and hike with our skis on our back for a long time so this deep snow was a great shock. We didn't start crazy early but we were still the first people up the trail. I dont know if I've ever broken trail at paul ridge before but I got the pleasure this time. I left the camera in the car cause I thought it would suck but it was killer. Sunday we drove out to the Duffey and it was really good, best day this year, as good as it gets really. 
Paul Ridge parking lot. no snow. right after this I put the camera in the car and we found some deep snow! 

Sunday the team drove out to the Duffey with the Nathans, Chris, Andy, Mel and I. We went to Joffre shoulder. Here Chris is figuring out how much off course we really are. We ended up going up the wrong ridge but it worked out really well cause we got some sweet runs in in the wrong area that led us into the right area. Things always work out, you must believe. 

Mel and the Nathan's on the up track. full pow town.

Switchback extravaganza!

This might be as good as life gets! Metal poles, the best ski gear known to man, and papa johns pizza. oh yeah lots of fresh snow.

Clearbrook Coffee Company CEO making the magic happen.


Mel having her Cake. These skis are unreal! 


More Chris. 

Andy and Chris post ski in Pemby. 

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