Monday, December 17, 2012

"this is the best snow I've ever seen!"

I only got out skiing once this last week. I worked all week and only got to ski sunday. Just living the dream. I dont know how people do it. Anyhow on sunday it was good, about as good as it can get. Connor, Melanie and I hit up a back country ski area that was out of this world. There was two people on snow shoes and 2 other back country skiers we ran into on the day. Not saying where we went because running into 4 others in better then running into 50. However the snow shoe guys ruined both our skin tracks. But it was hard to get angry when there was 40cm fresh of the driest lightest powder I've ever seen. It was a meat hucking good time.  
Corn Dawg getting real. 

sick section in the trees. 

yup there is some good snow out in BC right now. 

skin track. 

lunch time. 

Mel hucking meat. 

Connor stomping it. 

116 under foot what!

helloooooo, Im Connooor, I like to take my tiiiiiiimme and eaaaat. Hellllllloooooooo La La la. 

check out the sweet crown I blew off before connor back flipped this sucka. 

post ski big mac. Boss!

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