Thursday, December 27, 2012

Merry Christmas

Toby came to town last week. We've been skiing a couple times all ready. On day one Toby hucked his meat off a big drop and tweaked his knee a bit. So we had to take a couple days off, that's ok, it was Christmas and spending time with your family is also good times.
Maverick Espresso. The best way to start your day.
Clearbrook Coffee Company just dropped off some of the new goods. Thats a 12 shot espresso maker from Italy that Connor Curson got for me a couple years ago. We filled this sucker up and I took down 2 shots Toby killed the other 10 shots.

pow town Coquihalla
The first day we skied was very good. The Coquihalla just got hammered the whole week before with like 40cm every night. With no new snow in the short range forecast we figured we better get er done.

Toby owning the pow.

Toby on on the moon.
The second day we skied one of my favorite areas, we kinda went on a mission to explore because over the Christmas holiday the masses from the city had "skied out" the aspect we normally ski. Anyhow, we climbed to the top of the moon and found a crazy untouched pow town that no one has skied in a long while. Its the best when you go out exploring and find a new area or aspect that you can enjoy in the future.    

Toby down

Nate Dawg pole dancer.

Max and George keeping warm. 

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