Sunday, December 09, 2012

Flying Japanese Chickens.

I've been skiing a lot the last while, we just had a huge storm roll through Hokkaido Japan and just did some of the best skiing I have ever seen. The first 2 days were just out of this world, you could huck your meat and live the dream. On the way home we would stop at mac D's every time. I feel like gold, and they say that stuff is bad for you? I don't get it.
over the extra long weekend I broke about 2000m vertical of trail in 60cm fresh. it was some of the hardest most rewarding work I have ever done. 

Getting pitted, so pitted! This one was a big one for me. But the snow was so deep it could have been another 20ft higher and you still would have been fine. Looking back I should have back flipped this thing.  

in your face!

Etsell and Dawg Brew skinning up the gully. 

Etsell getting his cliff huck on. 

60cm fresh, Cakes, Mannhattans, and HighBalls. Plus my Japanese super car. Oh MAMA! 

Mel getting Deep. 

CDM with his pow eating grin. 
does life really get any better? this is Mac's version of the jbc. I like! Money cant buy happiness but $1.79 can! 

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