Friday, December 28, 2012

How Many is To Many?

New York Times Tunnel Creek Avalanche.
This story should hit very close to home for many people who ski on a regular basis and live in the greater Vancouver area. The big avalanche happened last year at Steven's pass. Three people died and one girl was saved by an ABS backpack. I feel like the story is told very well, its interesting and very sad. Since we did a "bro's gone wild" ski trip last year with 13 people I have questioned the safety in numbers thing. I don't really feel its as safe or as fun to ski with such a big group and now I like to keep the group size to less then four. I also feel skiing with just one other person the most fun for skiing purposes. I read somewhere with every extra person the day takes one hour longer per extra person. Plus if you have a bunch of competitive dudes all together then a pissing contest can get out of hand and cause some serious problems. Keep the rubber side down.  

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