Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Dear Deer.

Where does your meat come from? Its always nice knowing where your food comes from. This past summer I grew a lot of food in a garden, caught a bunch of fish in the Vedder river and gathered my own eggs from my own chickens. But this hunter gatherer story takes the cake.
Craig shot this little guy in the fall, rumor has it he was in a garden chowing down on some hosta plants. 
fast forward a couple months and we have breakfast sausage in the pan! 

part of a compete breakfast! 
We also did some skiing, I cant remember the location but it was good. The sun came out and turned all the south facing slopes to soft serve. So we went on a north facing powder hunt and found the goods.
the last storm left us with around 60cm of fresh goods. here Melanie want to head down and get that 60cm hitting her in the face. 

I haven't really been in the back country game all that long, but I've seen popularity grow beyond a good size and to a point where we have to choose our area's on weekends, otherwise you see way to many people. this was a group of like 8 split boarders. full traffic jam.  

Mel on the down.

found some north facing goods on a different mountain. see not sun affected. 

pow, shade, trees

Met up with some others from Vancouver. Jaine, Scott, and Greg from Abbotsford

this was a really windy afternoon, here Scott, hits the goods.

just beautiful. 

Scott leading the way back to the top.
After talking about knowing where your food comes from we hit the MacDonalds. I hit the MacDonalds 4 days in a row. I didnt eat MacDonalds from March of 1998-Jan1 2009. I dont really have many regrets in life but that might be one of them. 
living the dream. Melanie is enjoying her Bacon Cheeseburger Delux. My BCD is in my gut at this point. all this for under 10$, you cant lose, can you? 

nope! you cant. 

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