Wednesday, April 22, 2009

out with the old, in with the new (new to me)

Things are going great! I have been getting out on the mt bike like a mad man, Max is hiking like a dawg! He just loves the snow! And I got a new car, I also passed air care twice in one week, with beaters! I sold my old car to my sister (connor insert sister joke here)so I can keep an eye on it. But the new car is just unreal!

Betsey, I drove her for a year and a half and she was a good car. no real problems but now she is my sisters. (connor?)
Betsey needed to pass air care so this is the repair I made and she passed no problem its unreal, full jit repair

The new car is a 1988 Toyota Tercel 4 wheel drive wagon. Its name is Monty and he is dope! 160000km, sunroof, mp3 system. wicked snow tires, thule rain gutter roof racks, power steering, 50/50 rear split seats and best of all the not caring about getting rock chips feature. its got some rust but its all good. It may be the ugliest car ever made!

This thing is unreal! "its like a volvo but more ugly" I cant for it to snow!

Friday, April 10, 2009

dawgs, dogs, babys, and ski jumps!

Spring is here and its great, I think I need to put the skis away now? We will see there is still some good spring skiing to do but the Mt biking has just been unreal! We had temps of 22c last week. I have been doing some trail running with Max but I think I put him in the hurt locker the other day, we ran for 1hr and the last 15min max was just blown! I think it was from the heat. But it was all ok cause I made him go for his first ever swim right after, full doggie paddle. I also took the dawg for a ski at baker, well the corn dawg on last friday and it was great! Pow in my face! Connor had to bow out early due to the fact he is a pansy, what else is new. He did have some massive blisters on his feet. Also Ryan and Sophia had there baby, a 6.8 lb baby girl! Im going for a mt bike ride, later.
Dr Prachnau? I hope I dont get hurt ever!

Uncle Dawg!

Max and a lumberjack.

Wicked Nordic ski jumping at cypress! big hair big air!

Connor making his way up baker. you know when peter Griffin hurts himself and is like oh oh oh oh oh oh aw aw aw aw aw aw aw and it goes on for like 10min? well yeah Connor Griffin?

wicked unreal day! Corn dawg master!

Libby and Max "play" fight like crazy! its quite a bit of fun to watch, Max wins most of the time but its not the size of the dog in the fight, its the size of the fight in the dog!

Sunday, April 05, 2009

Day 7

We woke up in Rossland and decided to get a quick ski in at Red. So we skinned all the way to the top first thing before the lifts opened. It took us like 2.5hrs to go to the top and then ski down. We were going to go skate skiing too but couldn't figure out how to get on the track with out paying. I don't mind paying to skate ski but we were only going to do like a half hr, so we got in the car and drove home. We stopped in grand forks for lunch and then we were going to stop and skate ski at manning but the conditions were just horrible! I don't know what manning has been doing this winter but every time I have gone this year the conditions have not been so great. The XC ski at manning can be so good if they do it right, but this year has been so bad. Anyhow we just went home Max is good the chickens are good and I am worked! What a great trip, road trips are the best! I cant wait until the next one!
Grand forks, "make borscht not bombs"
getting dressed for la ski

groomed runs

Osoyoos, Im thinking peaches, millions of peaches for me!

road out of rossland

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Day 6

We woke up in the Barret lake hut and Brace cooked up some bacon and we all skinned up for a while then found some cornice's that were bagging to be cut. The snow was not great but we did find some pow then skinned around this mountain and back down to the lake/hut. Marty and I then got all our gear out of the hut and ripped down the the snowmobile track back down to the car. The track was so fun! Tons of little jumps and it was ripping hot when we got back to the car. We had dinner in Nelson then drove to Rossland and then passed out at Freddy's place.
the down. oh Im down!
Marty and Feddy loving it!
the down to the lake and hut.
The up.
Fred and Brace at the hut

Friday, April 03, 2009

Day 5 Calgary, Nelson, and everything between

Marty and I decided we would drive to Nelson and ski with Freddy and a couple of his friends. Its a long drive to Nelson, like 7hrs. So we woke up and left Tobys at 610 and made a quick Tims stop for breakfast on the way then we put drove hard! For 7hrs we stopped in Cranbrook and got safeway sandwich's and bucks coffee. We took the ferry across Kootenay lake and meet up with Freddy, Brace, and Darcey at Valhalla in Nelson. I think Nelson is just unreal! Maybe the best little town in BC. We went to a wicked coffee shop and had a team meeting then we decided we would do a overnight trip up to this cabin at Barret lake. We kind of got a late start and after 5hrs of skinning up a sled track we got to the cabin in the dark but it was ok cause we did get there. After consuming the other half of my Cali dreaming I hit the sack. The boys tried to spark up the wood burning stove but the chimney was not working so hot and we kind of smoked up the place, all my gear still smells like smoke. I can't believe how good duck tape is for blister care! My feet were loving it!

P.S. I went skiing at baker today and it was a powder day, I went with Connor and his feet were going to “fall off” so we had to leave early we only did 6hrs of skiing. I found a new area to ski in and I cant wait till the next power day, that might not be till December.
Ferry, such a epic trip! My car is unreal! so far so good. the Cat and head are unreal!
Sparwood, the biggest truck in the word! CUMMINS!, TURBO CUMMINS!!!!!!!!!!

The hut. Brace cooking up a storm

Titus just chilling on the dash. Titus is martys travel dog, his mom wont let him have a real dog.

almost out of calgary and the wind was insane!

Thursday, April 02, 2009

Day 4 Calgary and Canmore.

So we we all woke up and Toby made some wicked good crepes with blueberries and it was crazy good! Then we got to hop in the Volvo and drive to the U of C where it was ON! Squash that is and I beat Toby the first couple games then he had a good comeback and took me out in the Stanley cup of squash. It went 7games and double OT but Toby did beat me for the first (and only) time in history. I was so tired that I was starting to get a bit dizzy, skiing for 11 or 5 hrs the days before is not good for squash. Toby 1 Ricky 0. After Squash we got back in the Volvo and got some lunch and waxed skis and drove to the Canmore Nordic center. It was a unreal day maybe the best day of skate ski I have ever had! It was uber fast and clear sky and the mountains were just unreal! Marty and I skied for 3hrs but Toby had to bow out early cause of back problems. Toby 1 Ricky 1 (we are going to have a tie breaker soon, I hope its a mt bike ride). after the ski we hit a unreal coffee shop and enjoyed the brew out side with the view of the Rockies at our feet! I had a pb and J bagel too. Mmm. Then we drove back to Calgary and got the Corn dawg and the Dizzle and Lina was at home making some crazy German meal called Spetlav or something like that and it was the perfect end to the day. Then we stayed up late trying to decide what day 5 would hold. Stay tuned.
Parking lot at canmore, Toby waiting for my double pole kybosh.
I guess I got to go to Calgary if Max ever gets hurt, Right!
Corn Dawg drinking chocolate milk? really, wow!
putting my feet up in the rockies! Loving it!
Marty and Toby in action!
the boys doing what they do best, coffee for toby and I phone for marty.
getting the wax on.
ricky getting squashed.

Wednesday, April 01, 2009

day 3. Rogers pass.

So we all woke up very tired and headed down to the Cafeteria for breakfast and after a long look at the menu the one that grabbed my attention was the last item on on the menu, 4toast, 4 egg, 4 bacon, 4 sausage, hashbrowns, and a fruit salad. The girl that took our order said she never made this breakfast before let alone 3 of them, she said they just put it on the menu for kicks. After finishing the mad feed and getting a double bypass sugary we got our skis and skinned up right from the back of the hotel. We went up for a while and found some good turns and then we had a wicked boot pack and after 5hrs of playing outside we got back to the hotel. I didn't eat anything the whole 5hrs and I felt wicked, that breakfast did the trick. We said our good byes to Troy and Wade then it was off to the big city of Calgary. We spent the night in Calgary at Toby's and ate some curry and had a team meeting about what day 4 would hold, Squash and Canmore nordic! I wonder how my dog is doing?
troy, wade, and Marty post ski at the hotel.
the top with Hwy 1 in the background.

some turns.