Sunday, April 05, 2009

Day 7

We woke up in Rossland and decided to get a quick ski in at Red. So we skinned all the way to the top first thing before the lifts opened. It took us like 2.5hrs to go to the top and then ski down. We were going to go skate skiing too but couldn't figure out how to get on the track with out paying. I don't mind paying to skate ski but we were only going to do like a half hr, so we got in the car and drove home. We stopped in grand forks for lunch and then we were going to stop and skate ski at manning but the conditions were just horrible! I don't know what manning has been doing this winter but every time I have gone this year the conditions have not been so great. The XC ski at manning can be so good if they do it right, but this year has been so bad. Anyhow we just went home Max is good the chickens are good and I am worked! What a great trip, road trips are the best! I cant wait until the next one!
Grand forks, "make borscht not bombs"
getting dressed for la ski

groomed runs

Osoyoos, Im thinking peaches, millions of peaches for me!

road out of rossland

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