Wednesday, April 01, 2009

day 3. Rogers pass.

So we all woke up very tired and headed down to the Cafeteria for breakfast and after a long look at the menu the one that grabbed my attention was the last item on on the menu, 4toast, 4 egg, 4 bacon, 4 sausage, hashbrowns, and a fruit salad. The girl that took our order said she never made this breakfast before let alone 3 of them, she said they just put it on the menu for kicks. After finishing the mad feed and getting a double bypass sugary we got our skis and skinned up right from the back of the hotel. We went up for a while and found some good turns and then we had a wicked boot pack and after 5hrs of playing outside we got back to the hotel. I didn't eat anything the whole 5hrs and I felt wicked, that breakfast did the trick. We said our good byes to Troy and Wade then it was off to the big city of Calgary. We spent the night in Calgary at Toby's and ate some curry and had a team meeting about what day 4 would hold, Squash and Canmore nordic! I wonder how my dog is doing?
troy, wade, and Marty post ski at the hotel.
the top with Hwy 1 in the background.

some turns.


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