Friday, April 03, 2009

Day 5 Calgary, Nelson, and everything between

Marty and I decided we would drive to Nelson and ski with Freddy and a couple of his friends. Its a long drive to Nelson, like 7hrs. So we woke up and left Tobys at 610 and made a quick Tims stop for breakfast on the way then we put drove hard! For 7hrs we stopped in Cranbrook and got safeway sandwich's and bucks coffee. We took the ferry across Kootenay lake and meet up with Freddy, Brace, and Darcey at Valhalla in Nelson. I think Nelson is just unreal! Maybe the best little town in BC. We went to a wicked coffee shop and had a team meeting then we decided we would do a overnight trip up to this cabin at Barret lake. We kind of got a late start and after 5hrs of skinning up a sled track we got to the cabin in the dark but it was ok cause we did get there. After consuming the other half of my Cali dreaming I hit the sack. The boys tried to spark up the wood burning stove but the chimney was not working so hot and we kind of smoked up the place, all my gear still smells like smoke. I can't believe how good duck tape is for blister care! My feet were loving it!

P.S. I went skiing at baker today and it was a powder day, I went with Connor and his feet were going to “fall off” so we had to leave early we only did 6hrs of skiing. I found a new area to ski in and I cant wait till the next power day, that might not be till December.
Ferry, such a epic trip! My car is unreal! so far so good. the Cat and head are unreal!
Sparwood, the biggest truck in the word! CUMMINS!, TURBO CUMMINS!!!!!!!!!!

The hut. Brace cooking up a storm

Titus just chilling on the dash. Titus is martys travel dog, his mom wont let him have a real dog.

almost out of calgary and the wind was insane!

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Anonymous said...

haha Titus! Love your dog Marty! -Captain