Thursday, April 02, 2009

Day 4 Calgary and Canmore.

So we we all woke up and Toby made some wicked good crepes with blueberries and it was crazy good! Then we got to hop in the Volvo and drive to the U of C where it was ON! Squash that is and I beat Toby the first couple games then he had a good comeback and took me out in the Stanley cup of squash. It went 7games and double OT but Toby did beat me for the first (and only) time in history. I was so tired that I was starting to get a bit dizzy, skiing for 11 or 5 hrs the days before is not good for squash. Toby 1 Ricky 0. After Squash we got back in the Volvo and got some lunch and waxed skis and drove to the Canmore Nordic center. It was a unreal day maybe the best day of skate ski I have ever had! It was uber fast and clear sky and the mountains were just unreal! Marty and I skied for 3hrs but Toby had to bow out early cause of back problems. Toby 1 Ricky 1 (we are going to have a tie breaker soon, I hope its a mt bike ride). after the ski we hit a unreal coffee shop and enjoyed the brew out side with the view of the Rockies at our feet! I had a pb and J bagel too. Mmm. Then we drove back to Calgary and got the Corn dawg and the Dizzle and Lina was at home making some crazy German meal called Spetlav or something like that and it was the perfect end to the day. Then we stayed up late trying to decide what day 5 would hold. Stay tuned.
Parking lot at canmore, Toby waiting for my double pole kybosh.
I guess I got to go to Calgary if Max ever gets hurt, Right!
Corn Dawg drinking chocolate milk? really, wow!
putting my feet up in the rockies! Loving it!
Marty and Toby in action!
the boys doing what they do best, coffee for toby and I phone for marty.
getting the wax on.
ricky getting squashed.


Toby Roessingh said...

I wish I could have 'bowed out'. I couldn't touch my knees!

I prefer a kayaking round three.

Toby Roessingh said...

Or push-up pyramid. Or Settlers. Or math.

I am the Squash - Slalom - Push-up - Settlers - math master!