Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hi, my name is Ricky and I am a coffeeaholic

I have a little problem, I can quit anytime I want but I just dont want to. But its just so good! So Saturday I got my hands on 6 tickets to play land. It was like 25c and clear weather so it was a must do. I have never been to play land before, that wood roller coaster is crazy! I did find 5 other people to go with and it was good times all round. Except for the part where Nate was not feeling the love of his gut post crazy beach party. Play land is fun! Here are some photos from last weeks session at Tamihi (tamilow) I got like less then 2 weeks until the marathon, oh mama!

Hey Corn Dawg master! Check out my sweet duds, that shirt has mad perma stink! What did you do to it? Yeah its a little baggy but I will grow into it, I just don't need that big of arms to tear you a new one at skate skiing.

Friday, September 26, 2008

It's going to be the best weekend ever!

The best Baker Bash.......ever! So come this next Saturday and Sunday (oct4&5) here is the Plan. Who is in?

Saturday will consist of:
-8am waffle breakfast at the federau farm, possible chicken farm tour.
-ride the road bikes from glacier to the top of artist point and back.
-getting poo bags from the ranger station and making poo jokes for at least 2hrs.
-hike the Heliotrope trail to base camp
-possible skiing/crazy carpeting
-eat camp food (a massive zucchini bread loaf and pb and waffle sandwiches)

Sunday will consist of:
-climbing to the top of baker or just sleeping/camping/crazy carpeting/skiing
-hiking back to the car.
-white water kayak racing the nooksack or just padding in white water
-el nopal burrito feed bag in sumas
-hot tub at the farm.

let me know if you want to come because we will have to do some planing.

In other news, life is good. I ran 38km on Tuesday and killed it, I think I will be just fine for the marathon on Oct 12th. Then I did a bunch of farm stuff and killed a couple mt bike rides. I did a paddle on tamihi Thursday morning with Anna. Mike coached us and I did some sweet moves. Look out Frank the tank, I am coming for you next! I think this long hair I am rocking is giving me mad power.

Quote of the week
"what's a block heater?" Anna is moving to Calgary this winter and this was her response when asked if her car has a block heater. You might want to bring a jacket when you move too.

Recipe of the week.
Toast with peanut butter and cottage cheese and maple syrup.
-1tsp peanut butter
-2tsp cottage cheese
-dash of maple syrup

take the bread and toast it
wipe peanut butter on the toast
cover the toast with cottage cheese
and drizzle the maple syrup on top.
chow down!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Sunday, September 21, 2008

Cop Run Photos.

The Start line.
and there off!
And I am worked.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


I did the cop run in 35:10 today. For those of you that don't know the cop run is a 10km running race in Abbotsford thats been going on for 18 years. Today the race was between 3 guys, some 18 year old kid, a 40 year old dude man, and Me. We all ran together for the first 6km then they both put a gap into me on the down hill and I could not close it and ended up in 3rd. The 18 year old punk won it in 34:30 and dude man was between him and me. If only I could run faster downhill. I got no stride! It kind of sucks loosing. But I am not really a runner so I will get over it, I however may cry myself to sleep tonight. Kurt was just playing a driving game on wii and drinking wine, talk about drinking and driving! And I just watched touching the void on you tube, and it makes Nate dawg's little baker thing looks like nothing. So nate send me the photos from the run so I can post them on here. Yak she mash!


So this last week I put a tin roof on the farm house with my old man, it was good times, tons of "old man jokes" and it was kind of cool to see the finished product. I also did a couple runs, I do have the cop run race in like 1.5hrs from now. I also showed Jaz how to paddle at Tamihi and got on a couple mt bike rides. I am drinking coffee right now and rocking out to Fleetwood mac, I am going to go my own way! boooooo yeah. so I pre ran the cop run in 37.22 so I hope to go faster today. we have had no rain for like 17days now, oh mama! but now its going to rain all weekend. well I got to go, I have to be a sliver spring. Rossi up dated there web site, its almost ski time and manning is calling for snow on Wednesday. soon soon. and I found this wicked ski site called fasterskier.com I will let you all know how the cop run goes.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Where can I get some loaf?

crow pose on the top.
the group
So when we all got to the top to grab a bite to eat every one had the normal energy bar or the odd pb and J. Well I pulled out this Zucchini bread and not just a slice but the whole loaf, my mom baked like 10 loafs and I just took one in my pack, best hiking food ever! we even made the multiple poo jokes with the loaf then we played loaf foot ball, there was no dropped passes and the feast at the car was wicked good! "The loaf is that way"

Monday, September 15, 2008

Joffre Lakes.

We did Joffre lakes in Pemberton yesterday. It was unreal! The weather was perfect and it was good times all round. Here are some photos. I am waiting for some more to be emailed to me then I will post some more.
Bret and I at Lake #1
Hey Nate you can come on this hike when you get better.
the group at Lake #3
Hiking up to the top!
Bret doing hand stands at the top.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Thompson River Photos

We did the Thompson river a couple weeks ago. here are a bunch of photos.
Getting changed, I am putting in my float bags.......just in case.
Surfs up Toby dude!
Me and the Corn Dawg Master tearing the river a new one!
there was so much water! the waves are bigger then your car.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

getting worked!

So this past weekend was a good one, as is every weekend. Friday Marty, Leah, Shoni, and I hiked Golden ears. This time we made it up to the top but had no view because the fog was to thick. The hike was great we did it in 8hrs and the Girls were worked! Shoni was not walking normal at the end of the day, she also took a basket ball sized rock in the back after it fell from like 20feet above her. Then Leah slipped on the scramble part and almost fell off this crazy cliff, she did it once and then decided it would be a good idea to do it again. Right. We all made it back and it was fine. Then it was over to Marty's in North Van for a proper BBQ and chill out session/pack the car for the next couple days.

Saturday we woke up at 5am to catch the 620 ferry over to the island so we could go to Tofino. Ferry was a little late so they had free coffee to make the people happy, free coffee is not a good idea for Marty and I. The whole drive we went to town on each other, Tara sat in the back seat and thought we were just mental. Then we surfed all afternoon on Saturday. And surfing the kayak is way better then surfing a surf board. We camped and cooked sausage dogs and made a ton of smores. Then we surfed all morning on Sunday and I was home in Abbotsford by 1030. wicked weekend!
The Girls showing off the damage
Ferry ride
Burger me!
Camp site in Tofino.
I had to take out a crazy amout of cash to pay for a bike that got torn off my roof by a garage door. I wanted to put a gold chain on with a big clock for the photos but there is no gold chains in my house, sorry.
on the top of golden ears
Marty looks down with it, shoni looks pissed at me, and leah cant feel her legs.
done! chilling in the golden ears parking lot.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Play time in Chilliwack.

Chescht, Yak she mash? So Marty came over today for a full day of playing and it was unreal! I took him to school in 3 different sports. Morning Mt bike ride on vedder, then after lunch we went for a kayak down the Chilliwack river, Marty had one swim but was a champ! Then I tooled him at squash 4 games to 1. I lost the first game and was pissed then won 4 straight. On the positive note no one got hurt today, well maybe Marty's ego got slightly injured but thats OK. This weekend we are doing a kayak trip to Tofino.

Yesterday I hiked up elk with Alison T. and Leah G. and it was like hiking up the mystical forest with all the fog and then when we got to the top it was blueing and the clouds looked really cool.

See told you, really crazy clouds. What do the clouds look like to you? I see a chocolate milk martini.
I am loving this new trek rocket, and Marty is loving the Vedder ride.
Marty looking a little nervous
Marty thinking “Kourva! What am I doing”
4-1 thats all I got to say.