Saturday, September 20, 2008


So this last week I put a tin roof on the farm house with my old man, it was good times, tons of "old man jokes" and it was kind of cool to see the finished product. I also did a couple runs, I do have the cop run race in like 1.5hrs from now. I also showed Jaz how to paddle at Tamihi and got on a couple mt bike rides. I am drinking coffee right now and rocking out to Fleetwood mac, I am going to go my own way! boooooo yeah. so I pre ran the cop run in 37.22 so I hope to go faster today. we have had no rain for like 17days now, oh mama! but now its going to rain all weekend. well I got to go, I have to be a sliver spring. Rossi up dated there web site, its almost ski time and manning is calling for snow on Wednesday. soon soon. and I found this wicked ski site called I will let you all know how the cop run goes.

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