Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Hi, my name is Ricky and I am a coffeeaholic

I have a little problem, I can quit anytime I want but I just dont want to. But its just so good! So Saturday I got my hands on 6 tickets to play land. It was like 25c and clear weather so it was a must do. I have never been to play land before, that wood roller coaster is crazy! I did find 5 other people to go with and it was good times all round. Except for the part where Nate was not feeling the love of his gut post crazy beach party. Play land is fun! Here are some photos from last weeks session at Tamihi (tamilow) I got like less then 2 weeks until the marathon, oh mama!

Hey Corn Dawg master! Check out my sweet duds, that shirt has mad perma stink! What did you do to it? Yeah its a little baggy but I will grow into it, I just don't need that big of arms to tear you a new one at skate skiing.


Connor said...

ha, yeah, you need to wash that in like alcohol, and then wash it again! It's a good look though! I was wondering where that was! What else is in the box of mystery?

Anonymous said...

you lost alot of blood
you got 3 pints of Kramer in you buddy.