Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Play time in Chilliwack.

Chescht, Yak she mash? So Marty came over today for a full day of playing and it was unreal! I took him to school in 3 different sports. Morning Mt bike ride on vedder, then after lunch we went for a kayak down the Chilliwack river, Marty had one swim but was a champ! Then I tooled him at squash 4 games to 1. I lost the first game and was pissed then won 4 straight. On the positive note no one got hurt today, well maybe Marty's ego got slightly injured but thats OK. This weekend we are doing a kayak trip to Tofino.

Yesterday I hiked up elk with Alison T. and Leah G. and it was like hiking up the mystical forest with all the fog and then when we got to the top it was blueing and the clouds looked really cool.

See told you, really crazy clouds. What do the clouds look like to you? I see a chocolate milk martini.
I am loving this new trek rocket, and Marty is loving the Vedder ride.
Marty looking a little nervous
Marty thinking “Kourva! What am I doing”
4-1 thats all I got to say.

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Anonymous said...

Whats with the new hardtail?