Tuesday, September 09, 2008

getting worked!

So this past weekend was a good one, as is every weekend. Friday Marty, Leah, Shoni, and I hiked Golden ears. This time we made it up to the top but had no view because the fog was to thick. The hike was great we did it in 8hrs and the Girls were worked! Shoni was not walking normal at the end of the day, she also took a basket ball sized rock in the back after it fell from like 20feet above her. Then Leah slipped on the scramble part and almost fell off this crazy cliff, she did it once and then decided it would be a good idea to do it again. Right. We all made it back and it was fine. Then it was over to Marty's in North Van for a proper BBQ and chill out session/pack the car for the next couple days.

Saturday we woke up at 5am to catch the 620 ferry over to the island so we could go to Tofino. Ferry was a little late so they had free coffee to make the people happy, free coffee is not a good idea for Marty and I. The whole drive we went to town on each other, Tara sat in the back seat and thought we were just mental. Then we surfed all afternoon on Saturday. And surfing the kayak is way better then surfing a surf board. We camped and cooked sausage dogs and made a ton of smores. Then we surfed all morning on Sunday and I was home in Abbotsford by 1030. wicked weekend!
The Girls showing off the damage
Ferry ride
Burger me!
Camp site in Tofino.
I had to take out a crazy amout of cash to pay for a bike that got torn off my roof by a garage door. I wanted to put a gold chain on with a big clock for the photos but there is no gold chains in my house, sorry.
on the top of golden ears
Marty looks down with it, shoni looks pissed at me, and leah cant feel her legs.
done! chilling in the golden ears parking lot.

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