Saturday, September 20, 2008


I did the cop run in 35:10 today. For those of you that don't know the cop run is a 10km running race in Abbotsford thats been going on for 18 years. Today the race was between 3 guys, some 18 year old kid, a 40 year old dude man, and Me. We all ran together for the first 6km then they both put a gap into me on the down hill and I could not close it and ended up in 3rd. The 18 year old punk won it in 34:30 and dude man was between him and me. If only I could run faster downhill. I got no stride! It kind of sucks loosing. But I am not really a runner so I will get over it, I however may cry myself to sleep tonight. Kurt was just playing a driving game on wii and drinking wine, talk about drinking and driving! And I just watched touching the void on you tube, and it makes Nate dawg's little baker thing looks like nothing. So nate send me the photos from the run so I can post them on here. Yak she mash!

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