Monday, October 29, 2007

Full Faux Hawk!

My Hair was getting really long last week, so long that it was affecting my Squash game. Yeah Toby was winning one game per my 4. as per the usual 4 games to zero. I think I was just over heating. After the Faux Hawk I wanted to hike the lions. Then I ended up hiking it on a wicked unreal day with Marty and Tara on Saturday. Marty and I tried to do some "climbing" but all we had was a rope and Marty got infected and we had to turn back. I wanted to go to the top so bad that when we finished the Hike I went right to MEC and got a rope and some rock climbing stuff and then went home and planed to do it with Nate the next day. C-dawg showed me all the knots and methods and before you know it I was repelling off the front deck. Sunday I did do it with Nate but it Pissed rain all day and there was no way we were going to make it so we had to turn around. Oh well its OK I will just drink my Coffee out of my Fernie mug and life will be fine.

Anna giving me the "faux hawk". don't worry that's not real back hair.

C dawgs going to be a school boy.
Marty and Tara half way up the lions hike.
Don't fall Tara!
Oh this was fun!
my sweet new rat tail. My Mom would not let me have a rat tail when I was 10. But now that I'm 26 I can do it. So Bo yeah in your face Mom!

Thursday, October 25, 2007

Urban Camping?

You all have heard of "urban riding" and "urban repelling" and maybe even "urban climbing" right? So what about Urban Camping? I went to Merritt/Kamloops this past weekend to watch a rally car race and Cross Nationals. I went with Marty and Tara and it was a ton of fun. Full on camping in the Wal Mart parking lot. The real story is when Marty hears some guy behind the tent and goes to see what is up. Then this guy hides behind bush and Marty goes to see whats up, the guy just starts running. So Marty dressed in full thermo tights starts running after him, long story short Marty Tackles this guy in a grass Field.
Marty "hey man whats your problem? why are you such a low life?"
Drunk dude "I'm not a low life, I got a wife"

Marty setting up the sweet new use it for one night and return it air mattress.
Good morning.
rally race in Merritt.
I ripped out all my carpet and am putting in some new floors. reno time!
I will post photos of the reno when its done.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Photo time

Yesterday I got to Demo this 2008 Trek Fuel EX8 bike, it was unreal, I rode trails on Vedder for 7hrs. Then there is photos of my car. Then its the Macfarlane hike.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

"Jerry's going to be a cable boy"

Oh I am still alive, I hiked Mt Macfarlane with Nate and Marty over the weekend. Best hike of my life, no joke. I have some wicked unreal photos of the Hike and my car. I did a river run yesterday and today I am riding a demo bike, its a trek fuel EX 8 for 2008 and I am so fired up to ride this thing. I am going to go huge cause it has 5inches of travel, oh I am going to Huck this 40foot gap, dude man, its going be silly. right. Ok I will post photos but this site is having some problems with photo posting right now, I will post. don't worry. You will all see this hike/car/40ft gap jump! OK more coffee and then I will ride. out.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Driving round in Jon Voits car.

I was so excited to do this river run today and we get there and I forgot my life jacket. Oh I am just raging inside. So I had to drive in the car down and just played around at the take out and did some rolls. My roll is good! So this week has been real good. Friday I did a river run and this dog ran down the river and followed us for like 5km and got pinned on this log in the river, the dog was fine. Then the fish were just flying out of the river. Then when I got back to the bottom some tool tried to take my scooter, and all he did was wreck the ignition. Tons of rage! I played Marty in Squash Saturday. Ate Turkey all weekend. Went Dirt biking with my Uncle/cousins/dad on Monday. Hiked Frosty Mountain in Manning park on Tuesday. Tried to fix this truck up on Wednesday. Thursday I bought a 1989 Toyota Tercel cause we don't really know how to fix the truck. Friday was today and I played hockey this morning. I am doing a over night hike tomorrow.

Thursday, October 04, 2007

Total Domination

OK so I just got back from Killing Jon at squash. I took him out 5 games to 1. A Massive beating. A new one so big. So I am going to credit this "beating" to my new found thinking. Before today I was only drinking 1-3 shots of espresso each morning. Then I read this and to improve my performance I need like 300-500mg of caffeine. That means like 6 shots. so yes this morning it was 6 shots. I am so on today its Unreal! When Toby comes home, he is going to cry and hit his racket against the wall even more then normal. Ha. I will Kill it. yeah. the river is brown and I am going kayaking down it. yeah. yeah. yeah. Kill it. C-dawg in the house. out.

Monday, October 01, 2007

The Bisaro world

I am worked today, cause the weekend was action packed. First off I think my life is a Seinfeld episode. I am Jerry, its my apartment and this is where all the action starts. Kurt is Kramer he lives in my building is very tall and the way he tosses the bowling ball he is Kramer. Toby is George, short, has no job, and loves to make fun of people. Kristen is Elaine, I saw a little Kristen dance one time, oh yeah the resemblance is uncanny. So Friday the Seinfeld crew got together for a Hamburger BBQ. After we ate burgers and laughed our faces off at stuff on urban dictionary we went bowling. It was a good time but I kind of rolled a ball right into my ankle when I was trying to do this sweet shot between my legs. But I am good, ankle is fine. Then Saturday morning I hiked up Mt Rexford with Ben oh lets call him Newman. It was unreal. There is so much rock up there and the views are unreal. Then Saturday night was Anna's birthday bash maybe she can be Susan, At the party there was Burgers and Cup cakes, then it turned into a contest who could hold the plank position the longest. here are the official results:

1st- Brett guy who I played hockey with last winter. 10min4seconds

2nd - Ricky. 10min

3rd - Toby. 5min

4rd- Craig. 3min

After the plank contest I was told I should do the "run for the cure" in Abbotsford on Sunday morning. I got pledges from Kramer and Elaine. Then Derek Beer(kind of like Jimmy)picked me up and drove. I won the 5km run in like 18.26. I felt like Jerry in that episode, yeah you know the one where he runs against that Duncan guy? Then we drove back and I have been doing nothing ever since. My legs hurt from the run/hike and my upper body feels worked from the plank. I should be awarded some sort of trophy for being such a girl. Photos.