Monday, October 01, 2007

The Bisaro world

I am worked today, cause the weekend was action packed. First off I think my life is a Seinfeld episode. I am Jerry, its my apartment and this is where all the action starts. Kurt is Kramer he lives in my building is very tall and the way he tosses the bowling ball he is Kramer. Toby is George, short, has no job, and loves to make fun of people. Kristen is Elaine, I saw a little Kristen dance one time, oh yeah the resemblance is uncanny. So Friday the Seinfeld crew got together for a Hamburger BBQ. After we ate burgers and laughed our faces off at stuff on urban dictionary we went bowling. It was a good time but I kind of rolled a ball right into my ankle when I was trying to do this sweet shot between my legs. But I am good, ankle is fine. Then Saturday morning I hiked up Mt Rexford with Ben oh lets call him Newman. It was unreal. There is so much rock up there and the views are unreal. Then Saturday night was Anna's birthday bash maybe she can be Susan, At the party there was Burgers and Cup cakes, then it turned into a contest who could hold the plank position the longest. here are the official results:

1st- Brett guy who I played hockey with last winter. 10min4seconds

2nd - Ricky. 10min

3rd - Toby. 5min

4rd- Craig. 3min

After the plank contest I was told I should do the "run for the cure" in Abbotsford on Sunday morning. I got pledges from Kramer and Elaine. Then Derek Beer(kind of like Jimmy)picked me up and drove. I won the 5km run in like 18.26. I felt like Jerry in that episode, yeah you know the one where he runs against that Duncan guy? Then we drove back and I have been doing nothing ever since. My legs hurt from the run/hike and my upper body feels worked from the plank. I should be awarded some sort of trophy for being such a girl. Photos.

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Tom said...

Oh man that is too much! I didn't know that Kurt was that much of a hipster dofus. Does he have any friends who could be Bob Sacamano?

Those are some sweet hikes too.. how long did it take you to do the chief? And your new roomate Kristen looks pretty cute! If she can keep up to you guys eating pizza I'd marry her if I were you.