Friday, September 28, 2007


Pizza night last night. It was very good.

Greek pizza, and egg pizza and desert pizza with marshmallows and chocolate chips
K-town, and C-dawg putting back the food and the wine, note empty bottle.
Pizza was so good K-town peed herself

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


My Legs hurt. I think we should have another building party. I would like to make some shelf's and stick them where the drums are. But the drums are kind of in the way, AH Hum. Maybe Jeff Kemp you can bring you "pimp my ride" hammer. and we can just hammer. It looks like no baker this weekend cause they got some not wicked weather. But maybe some other hike would be good. Did anyone hear about that guy that died on Slesse? oh man its not good. Oh maybe we should hike slesse this weekend? who's in. Show me what you got corn dawg. later

Monday, September 24, 2007

I'm just saying I want to have fun.

no. I really want to have fun.
The year was 1998 I was starting grade 12 and was just starting to race mt bikes. I finished 3rd at nationals that year. The CCA phones me up and was like "congrats, you have been selected for world championships" I was like "whats that?" and before you know it I was on my first plane ride to worlds. The bad part about worlds that year was that my grade 12 P.E. class was doing a overnight hike called black tusk on the same weekend and I had to miss the hike and every year since that September of 98 I have always wanted to do this "black tusk" hike, but it just never happened until this past weekend. Toby and I hit it and it was unreal. we camped at like 2000m and there was falling snow and it was so cold, and Toby snores like semi truck. Then the next morning we went to the summit, we took the wrong way and ended up rock climbing up face where a mess up could result in serious injury or death. There was some serious adrenaline flowing on this wall. But we had to summit. Then we got to the top and then came back down and the trail went this other way down this easy wall and there was a rope on it and it was a piece of cake. man we are dumb. Then on the way home we hit Wendy's and chowed down on some juniors and a frosty, then we hiked up the Chief. what a sweet weekend. Today it hurts to walk, I am just chilling. I think a BBQ salmon is in order.

Big Chief
top of the Chief
camp site near black tusk with Garibaldi lake
Toby at the top of the hard rock climb, the most dumb thing I have ever done.
this is what we went up
view at the top
the easy way down, dumb, dumb, dumb.

Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Yogobella, the best yogurt ever.

I am now at home sweet home. This last trip to Europe did not go as planed. I did not race the way I know I can. Its OK I learned some lessons and will not ride like that again. So yeah now I am just taking a break from riding bikes. I plan on having some good adventures over the next couple months. Yesterday I played Squash with Toby and we tied 2 games each. it was a real epic battle, first off I hit Toby just below his eye and he was crying like a baby. I asked him if he is OK and he says "I don't know I don't feel anything its just numb". Then a game later Toby did a slide and got some road rash on his knee and was just bleeding all over the court. Don't worry Toby cleaned up his bloody mess with a paper towel and his spit, oh yeah real sanitary. I am going to do the grouse grind on Thursday with Marty. I am running on a little jit leg right now and woke up at 6am. I have a new roommate, Kristen, and she wakes up that early every day and is just like what are you doing up. yeah. the early bird gets the worm right? I don't know. So Swiss coffee was good cause Sandra family has a wicked machine. Scotland Coffee was bad. Slovenia coffee was better then Scotland but not still not that great. So its like 2 weeks with out real good coffee and now that I am at home I am making up for the last 2 weeks. Good coffee is so good. I would like to hike black tusk this week, who wants in? I got to play some hockey to. mmm coffee.

Sunday, September 16, 2007

Slow vina(ricky)

I don't know whats up but I feel real bad on the bike. I had a real bad race yesterday, I got pulled with like 2 to go. I haven't got pulled from a world cup since I was like 19. I have nothing in the tank. I ride in the 50s and then just go slower and slower, a vast change from the early season when I would ride in the 50s and just go faster and faster. So that's it, it is what it is. Its to bad because this was a real good course and I think it suited me very well and I could have done something here. I think I might see the doctor when I get home. Maybe my blood is bad, I haven't eaten any liver for like 3weeks. Or maybe Brazil is still killing me. I don't know. I am going to be back in Chilliwack on Monday night so I got one more day in Europe and I am going to watch the DH today and then do a hike, I got to get some hiking legs for the next month.

Sunday, September 09, 2007

Not good

I raced yesterday. the end result was not good. I had a great start, got stuck behind no major pile ups or crashes and didn't really get slowed down, I came through in like 40-50. I felt very comfortable and felt like I was pacing very good. I was moving up very steadily and feeling good. we did 6laps and with 2 laps to go I blew up. I ran out of gas and just went backwards. Now I just got to get to Slovenia and try to race well over there. We are just chilling here in fort william today then staying in Glasgow tonight, then Max and I are traveling to Maribor tomorrow.

Friday, September 07, 2007


OK, Das photos.

"the sea was angry that day my friends, like a old man trying to send back soup in a deli"

did a couple laps today and felt good. the course is really fun. I was running like 27psi in my tires and it was hooking up big time. I rode with some Italian dudes and some Slovaks and they were all over the place. So much fun riding and watching guys crash in front of you. I am really board out of my mind. we are staying 16km from the course and like 20 from town, and there is nothing to do. its so bad that I am watching Ricki Lake on TV right now. I should be well rested. My room is cooking hot! I need to take my pants off. bye.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

"what, I'm off bread"

uh no I am not off bread, but I am eating peanut butter out of the jar with my index finger. So I just rode the course and I think its great. big huge long bumpy climb and then a switch backed down hill and some rocky muddy parts then back to the finish I did a race ish pace lap today in like 23 - 24min. My Fuel is THE bike for the course and I am loving it. so that's about it for today. I am just resting and being board I need to pick up some snacks at the store, the hotel feeds us but its like regular people food and I am machine that need some high octane gas. Well I do have gas but that a whole different story, I am told it smells bad. I think it smells fine but you always don't mind your own brand. oh boy, I am going to stop typing now and watch some more family guy.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

My bike has come

yeah it just got here and Chad the Mechanic is putting it together. Chad looks just like James Waldie but no stash. Yeah I don't have to do my bike, I got a massage today and don't have to cook anything, best rest day ever. unreal. So I am just watching some Family Guy. I am going to ride the course tomorrow.

"you are the opposite of any man I ever met."

Yup, I still got no bike, but I am waiting for it the delivery company. They called and said they are going to be here soon. Its so nice here, this place is like a castle and I am force to rest cause I got no bike. Its kind of good because if I did have a bike I would go ride in the rain for a couple hours and now I am just laying in bed watching Seinfeld. I just saw the one called “opposites” I think its one of the best of all time. “hi I'm George I am unemployed and I live with my parents”. So last night I slept and it was so good 10pm-730am and it was solid and I feel good today. Now all I need is my bike to show up and then the Ricky show will be back in action.

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

"Your a blurb, take a look at the cover!"

OK make it to Scotland today. all is good we are staying at a best western and its very nice. I have a room all to my self, I should get some sleep now. I also have Internet in my room. so nice. but its late and I am tired so I will post tomorrow. oh yeah my bike did not make the flight. but they say its coming tomorrow.

Monday, September 03, 2007

"George you cant show up at someones house with ring dings and Pepsi"

I raced yesterday. It did not go well. I felt OK, I had a OK start then going up the first hill my chain went into my spokes in the rear and had to get off and fix it then I was riding whey to hard to pass guys and kind of blew up. I think the travel took all the snap out of my legs, there was no snap! The course was horrible, like 3km long 1km flat paved road, 1km paved road/dirt climb/muddy slick down hill. then 1km flat rolling single track along a river. I made a bad tire choice. but all in all, I just rode like my mom on the town cruiser, no sugar coating needed. I am also having some big problems sleeping. I don't know whats up. I need to sleep, and I am not getting any. "I'm on NO sleep, NO SLEEP! and that little red light is burning my brain" well there is no red light, but I am on no sleep. "Kenny" Next weekend will go better. I just need some rest. After the race we all went and played mini golf and I killed it. the only victory of the day. Maybe I should switch to golf, they make the real money and you can be fat. You know what they say "drive for show, putt for dough" everyone here is very impressed with my German, I keep remembering these phrases my parents would say when I was a kid, I just bust out a new saying every day. I am going to Scotland tomorrow and I cant wait. The course will be better and I should be sleeping. some rain to so it will be BC style. I think I am fit but I just need to get sharp. later