Sunday, September 16, 2007

Slow vina(ricky)

I don't know whats up but I feel real bad on the bike. I had a real bad race yesterday, I got pulled with like 2 to go. I haven't got pulled from a world cup since I was like 19. I have nothing in the tank. I ride in the 50s and then just go slower and slower, a vast change from the early season when I would ride in the 50s and just go faster and faster. So that's it, it is what it is. Its to bad because this was a real good course and I think it suited me very well and I could have done something here. I think I might see the doctor when I get home. Maybe my blood is bad, I haven't eaten any liver for like 3weeks. Or maybe Brazil is still killing me. I don't know. I am going to be back in Chilliwack on Monday night so I got one more day in Europe and I am going to watch the DH today and then do a hike, I got to get some hiking legs for the next month.

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