Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Yogobella, the best yogurt ever.

I am now at home sweet home. This last trip to Europe did not go as planed. I did not race the way I know I can. Its OK I learned some lessons and will not ride like that again. So yeah now I am just taking a break from riding bikes. I plan on having some good adventures over the next couple months. Yesterday I played Squash with Toby and we tied 2 games each. it was a real epic battle, first off I hit Toby just below his eye and he was crying like a baby. I asked him if he is OK and he says "I don't know I don't feel anything its just numb". Then a game later Toby did a slide and got some road rash on his knee and was just bleeding all over the court. Don't worry Toby cleaned up his bloody mess with a paper towel and his spit, oh yeah real sanitary. I am going to do the grouse grind on Thursday with Marty. I am running on a little jit leg right now and woke up at 6am. I have a new roommate, Kristen, and she wakes up that early every day and is just like what are you doing up. yeah. the early bird gets the worm right? I don't know. So Swiss coffee was good cause Sandra family has a wicked machine. Scotland Coffee was bad. Slovenia coffee was better then Scotland but not still not that great. So its like 2 weeks with out real good coffee and now that I am at home I am making up for the last 2 weeks. Good coffee is so good. I would like to hike black tusk this week, who wants in? I got to play some hockey to. mmm coffee.

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