Sunday, September 09, 2007

Not good

I raced yesterday. the end result was not good. I had a great start, got stuck behind no major pile ups or crashes and didn't really get slowed down, I came through in like 40-50. I felt very comfortable and felt like I was pacing very good. I was moving up very steadily and feeling good. we did 6laps and with 2 laps to go I blew up. I ran out of gas and just went backwards. Now I just got to get to Slovenia and try to race well over there. We are just chilling here in fort william today then staying in Glasgow tonight, then Max and I are traveling to Maribor tomorrow.


Connor said...

Ricky, remember when I'm burning up elk and you are behind me sucking air? And then you find it deep in your soul to say, "screw that bastard! I'm going to make him suck gas, and THAT kind of gas too, right when I blow by him!"?? Remember that? Well you can do the same to these Euro punks! I mean, who is some Swiss, or French, or Dane compared to the legend that is the Corn Dawg!!

Tom said...

Small Block Eights baby!

What you're using my baby's now?