Monday, September 03, 2007

"George you cant show up at someones house with ring dings and Pepsi"

I raced yesterday. It did not go well. I felt OK, I had a OK start then going up the first hill my chain went into my spokes in the rear and had to get off and fix it then I was riding whey to hard to pass guys and kind of blew up. I think the travel took all the snap out of my legs, there was no snap! The course was horrible, like 3km long 1km flat paved road, 1km paved road/dirt climb/muddy slick down hill. then 1km flat rolling single track along a river. I made a bad tire choice. but all in all, I just rode like my mom on the town cruiser, no sugar coating needed. I am also having some big problems sleeping. I don't know whats up. I need to sleep, and I am not getting any. "I'm on NO sleep, NO SLEEP! and that little red light is burning my brain" well there is no red light, but I am on no sleep. "Kenny" Next weekend will go better. I just need some rest. After the race we all went and played mini golf and I killed it. the only victory of the day. Maybe I should switch to golf, they make the real money and you can be fat. You know what they say "drive for show, putt for dough" everyone here is very impressed with my German, I keep remembering these phrases my parents would say when I was a kid, I just bust out a new saying every day. I am going to Scotland tomorrow and I cant wait. The course will be better and I should be sleeping. some rain to so it will be BC style. I think I am fit but I just need to get sharp. later

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