Monday, September 24, 2007

I'm just saying I want to have fun.

no. I really want to have fun.
The year was 1998 I was starting grade 12 and was just starting to race mt bikes. I finished 3rd at nationals that year. The CCA phones me up and was like "congrats, you have been selected for world championships" I was like "whats that?" and before you know it I was on my first plane ride to worlds. The bad part about worlds that year was that my grade 12 P.E. class was doing a overnight hike called black tusk on the same weekend and I had to miss the hike and every year since that September of 98 I have always wanted to do this "black tusk" hike, but it just never happened until this past weekend. Toby and I hit it and it was unreal. we camped at like 2000m and there was falling snow and it was so cold, and Toby snores like semi truck. Then the next morning we went to the summit, we took the wrong way and ended up rock climbing up face where a mess up could result in serious injury or death. There was some serious adrenaline flowing on this wall. But we had to summit. Then we got to the top and then came back down and the trail went this other way down this easy wall and there was a rope on it and it was a piece of cake. man we are dumb. Then on the way home we hit Wendy's and chowed down on some juniors and a frosty, then we hiked up the Chief. what a sweet weekend. Today it hurts to walk, I am just chilling. I think a BBQ salmon is in order.

Big Chief
top of the Chief
camp site near black tusk with Garibaldi lake
Toby at the top of the hard rock climb, the most dumb thing I have ever done.
this is what we went up
view at the top
the easy way down, dumb, dumb, dumb.

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Connor said...

Ricky, kristen is going to move my car to the Allens. you can park it o n the street for now. Thanks!