Friday, August 31, 2007

Gooten tack. Veee gates.

I made to to Switzerland and everything is good. Bike is here, I am here, and coffee is here. I had a unreal flight over, first off was my flight Vancouver to Toronto. Then I had 1.5 hr layover in Toronto to kill the time I watched this old guy stumble and crash off the moving walkway. He was not that old and it was very funny, and the group he was with was giving him a hard time. The Flight to Zurich was the best ever, I had 3 seats all to Ricky and I fully made a little bed with all the pillows and blankets I could find. Then I watched “Next” with Nick Cage and Jessica Biel. The movie is all about the Cage dawg being able to tell the future up to 2min in advance. I started watching my movie right away the guy like 3 rows up started watching 10 min after me and I knew was was going to happen next, even before Cage did, yeah it was pretty rad. Then I took a pill and slept the rest of the flight. I am now staying with Sandra's aunt and uncle on a pig farm near Bern. Its really nice here they have a really nice espresso machine. I don't think I slept much last night but I felt OK on the bike today, kind of just got the lead out. Tomorrow we are going to pre ride the course. I think I should sleep good tonight. I am trying my best to understand German and I am doing much better then I thought. I remember taking grade 8 German in school and learning to say “my name is ricky and I am 13years old” and I still remember that, they all are getting a kick out of my German. Meen German ist zer gooot. Vas machst doo? there is Internet here so I will update lots so stay tuned. Went skiing the day before I came out here. See photos. Al vee ter sain.
This is Toby awaiting a nother "new one"

Toby was just as good as Holroyd, maybe better? Maybe Mike and Toby should do helmets and gloves to see? you know helmets and gloves just like when you were 12 in the dressing room? yeah I almost got my head taken off a couple times.

Roster tail Ricky, yaaa das ist gooot.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

"Who wants to have some fun?"

I am going to europe to race my bike on Aug 29. I am coming home on sept 17 and my season will be over. here is what I am thinking would be a good fall program. I want to know who is in on what. Let me know, leave some commets at the bottom. Oh yeah I killed Toby at squash yesterday.

22-race checkamus
23-paddle in whistler
24-hike black tusk
25-epic tayak lake ride with Neal K.
26-paddle squamish/hike and camp at the top of the chief
27- alta lake hike.
28-drive to chilliwack-maybe grouse grind.
29-paddle chilliwack river canyon and start mt baker
30-summit baker
other things to do in October:
macfarlane – slesse. Hiking and camping and rock climbing
Paddle Thompson
Welch peak summit
Williams peak
Play Squash
Play hockey
watch hockey
try to surf tofino
elk mt bbq
Green drop/Lindimin/Flora lake hike with camping.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

What's the deal with home work?

"Take me to your leader." The last week of my life has been unreal. this is what went down.

Aug14 - I went to Squash right after I did this very blog. It was a ricky vs Toby war with full new ones on the line. we only play best of 3 because I got this bike racing thing that I don't want to be dead for, in the winter its best of 7 Stanley cup finals. so Toby wins the first game then but it cost him, he slid to get a shot and cut his hand on the wall and was dripping blood like a coffee maker. with drops of blood all over the court I went on to crush the last 2 games. Later on day I did a river run and I rolled at the end when I was trying to surf this sweet wave under the vedder bridge.

Aug 16. I went mt biking with my Dad. well kind of, I rode my mt bike and he rode the dirt bike. we went all the way up the back side of vedder. half way up there was a deer and my old man went to freak it out by gunning it straight for it and the deer is trying to climb up this cliff and my dad is almost crashing and there is dust all over, "oh its a scene man." then that night we did another river run with and it was good but my arms were like J-E-L-L-O and I just chilled. But big bad Brad swam 3times or 4 I cant really remember. What I do remember is Toby yelling SWIMMER! a couple times.

Aug 18. Motor paced up mt Baker with my dad. and it was fast, we had the scoot pinned the whole way home. Then later that night we did a dinner cruise at Granville island for my Grandparents 50th wedding anniversary, it was very cool. You can really see how bad Stanley park got hit during the storms. I heard a sweet joke from my brother, so how does every racist joke start?.......

Aug 20. I had to go to Victoria to do this M.A.P./skin folds/physio testing. they flew me into Victoria harbor in a float plane out of Fart Langley. the way home was so cool, I asked the pilot if I could sit co-pilot and it was fine, I put the head set on and was listening to everything that was going on. all they do is tell jokes over the head sets, I think these guys know Roddi's Mom. I had some time to kill in down town Vic before my flight left and I did some shopping, walked around MEC, then went into the store called Muffit and Louise and I saw a stove top espresso maker and I just got it, even though it turns out that the one I got on line was waiting for me at the post office. 2heads are better then one right? so 2 espresso's are better then 1.

Aug 22. Corn Dawg, Toby and Marion came over at 830 for espresso then at 930 Toby and I were on the squash court. once again battling for non new ones. this time Toby sucked to say the least, or Ricky was just the man. I was watching lots of tennis on TV over the last week so I think that helped. I beet Toby in 2 games in the best of 3, we played a 3rd game just for kicks and I took Toby 15-1. It was like How fast can you count to 15, that's how long it took me win the last game. Ah but the real story of the game has to come in game 2 when Toby was returning a shot off the back wall and WHAM right in the Neal Kindree(kidney) I got a sweet welt.

Right now. I am drinking unreal espresso and Kurt has picked up the China plague and a custom suit from china as well, Kurt I think you need to put the suit on and go to town. I am just waiting for the UPS guy to come with ti bolts. I planed out my fall adventure program and it looks good. I will post it on here in a couple days.

Toby waiting for the beating of his life!
the welt right after the "shot"
Oh mama, the real "shot"
very nice how much?
the welt this morning.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

You don't need karate, you can just ring his neck!

I got this sweet GPS from I took it out on vedder the other day I was hoping to get a sweet map of the road around the mt then these wicked moto trail that I ride. Da da da I am ripping up the "old man" climb and I come around the corner and boom Cougar like 20m in front of me, so I stopped, got off my bike and stood behind it. The cat looked at me for a couple seconds, (I looked into the eyes of the great fish(cat)) then it started slowly walking away. At that point I started screaming like a 10 year old girl who is getting picked up by a 1979 gmc van with candy in it. The cat just took off up the road and I went down down the road and to the other side of the mt. I still had a good ride. The cougar was mid sized and I think I could have tore it a new one but it would have been a good fight. I think I am going to pick up some bear spray. The top of vedder is like 950m high, just so you know. Training is going wicked good. I am also waiting for my stove top espresso maker in the mail, it should be here this week, then its full on forget about it. Oh I got to go, squash game with toby at 930. I also just booked all my travel/racing for the rest of the year, Swiss cup sept 2, Worlds, sept 8, World cup finals sept15. Oh man I cant wait to race! you know Jerry is like "I choose not to race" yeah well I choose to race, full Duncan Myer. Espresso, there's a need.

Thursday, August 09, 2007

good times.

There will be no trans Rockies for Ricky this year. That's fine because I am loving it at home right now. The MT biking is so good and I can go motor pacing and paddle down the river, and maybe the odd squash game. So I did pick up my phone charger from Lina then like 2 days later I got a new phone from bell. Thank you Bell, the M-500 is one sweet phone. Monday we did a sweet river run from the top of Tamihi to Pointa vista. There was a sweet group, Me, Kristin, Toby, Marion, Tim and Cara. I messed up this one part and got to use my bomber roll, and it worked, Kristin got to roll up 2X and she swam down Tamihi. Then on the way home a boat fell off the roof of the car, oh man that was such a good day. Then yesterday Toby took me motor pacing and we are ripping along and Toby said something but I didn't really hear him cause I was breathing through my eye balls then I looked up and there was this dog being hit by a car and all I saw was this dog flying in the air into the ditch. Toby said watch out for the dog, this lady hit it at like 80km an hr. Then last night I beat Toby at squash, again.


Saturday, August 04, 2007

Whats your code man?!

Bosco. Oh baby, life is unreal right now. I rode baker with the "corn dawg" a couple days ago and tore him a new one. How is your new one Conor? then the next day was one of the best I have ever had. I went and did a wicked ride on Vedder in the morning I rode the Mongolian grill, Mexican ninja, and Femur and was on fire. Then at like 4 I did a sweet kayak run. I put in a the almost the top of tamihi and ran all the way to Edwards and it was so fun. I went with Kyle and Lina and no swims but I did roll 2 times when I was trying to surf this wave and messed up. oh it was good. then Neal Kindree and his sweet van came over and we did a wicked road ride then we paddled in the river a bit then he bought a kayak and went back home. and today I am going ride mtb on vedder and who knows I might get in a scrap with a cougar. But no paddle today because my arm feel like rubber. I need some rest for my guns. I have no phone right now because Lina, of Mike and Lina took my phone charger and now I have no phone cause its dead, so Lina can you bring back my charger? please? Dude man I think I need 1 more coffee. proper.
yo kurt, you should get some new socks