Tuesday, August 14, 2007

You don't need karate, you can just ring his neck!

I got this sweet GPS from http://www.pinkbike.com/ I took it out on vedder the other day I was hoping to get a sweet map of the road around the mt then these wicked moto trail that I ride. Da da da I am ripping up the "old man" climb and I come around the corner and boom Cougar like 20m in front of me, so I stopped, got off my bike and stood behind it. The cat looked at me for a couple seconds, (I looked into the eyes of the great fish(cat)) then it started slowly walking away. At that point I started screaming like a 10 year old girl who is getting picked up by a 1979 gmc van with candy in it. The cat just took off up the road and I went down down the road and to the other side of the mt. I still had a good ride. The cougar was mid sized and I think I could have tore it a new one but it would have been a good fight. I think I am going to pick up some bear spray. The top of vedder is like 950m high, just so you know. Training is going wicked good. I am also waiting for my stove top espresso maker in the mail, it should be here this week, then its full on forget about it. Oh I got to go, squash game with toby at 930. I also just booked all my travel/racing for the rest of the year, Swiss cup sept 2, Worlds, sept 8, World cup finals sept15. Oh man I cant wait to race! you know Jerry is like "I choose not to race" yeah well I choose to race, full Duncan Myer. Espresso, there's a need.

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