Sunday, August 26, 2007

"Who wants to have some fun?"

I am going to europe to race my bike on Aug 29. I am coming home on sept 17 and my season will be over. here is what I am thinking would be a good fall program. I want to know who is in on what. Let me know, leave some commets at the bottom. Oh yeah I killed Toby at squash yesterday.

22-race checkamus
23-paddle in whistler
24-hike black tusk
25-epic tayak lake ride with Neal K.
26-paddle squamish/hike and camp at the top of the chief
27- alta lake hike.
28-drive to chilliwack-maybe grouse grind.
29-paddle chilliwack river canyon and start mt baker
30-summit baker
other things to do in October:
macfarlane – slesse. Hiking and camping and rock climbing
Paddle Thompson
Welch peak summit
Williams peak
Play Squash
Play hockey
watch hockey
try to surf tofino
elk mt bbq
Green drop/Lindimin/Flora lake hike with camping.


Tom said...

I am in for watching hockey, playing hockey, playing squash, surfing in Tofino.. and is the one at the bottom 'Elk MEAT bbq'? Or 'Elk mountain bbq'? Because Elk meat would be awesome. But so would Elk mountain I guess.. we could bring Elk meat right?

Connor said...

If your adventures roll into november and December then I'm in. Better yet, you should come to Alberta for some bad ASS, BAAAAADDDDD ASSSSSSS skiing! Word!

Michael Holroyd said...

You must head to the beef and oil province. By October we should have a house and can set up a mean BBQ!