Saturday, August 04, 2007

Whats your code man?!

Bosco. Oh baby, life is unreal right now. I rode baker with the "corn dawg" a couple days ago and tore him a new one. How is your new one Conor? then the next day was one of the best I have ever had. I went and did a wicked ride on Vedder in the morning I rode the Mongolian grill, Mexican ninja, and Femur and was on fire. Then at like 4 I did a sweet kayak run. I put in a the almost the top of tamihi and ran all the way to Edwards and it was so fun. I went with Kyle and Lina and no swims but I did roll 2 times when I was trying to surf this wave and messed up. oh it was good. then Neal Kindree and his sweet van came over and we did a wicked road ride then we paddled in the river a bit then he bought a kayak and went back home. and today I am going ride mtb on vedder and who knows I might get in a scrap with a cougar. But no paddle today because my arm feel like rubber. I need some rest for my guns. I have no phone right now because Lina, of Mike and Lina took my phone charger and now I have no phone cause its dead, so Lina can you bring back my charger? please? Dude man I think I need 1 more coffee. proper.
yo kurt, you should get some new socks

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