Thursday, August 09, 2007

good times.

There will be no trans Rockies for Ricky this year. That's fine because I am loving it at home right now. The MT biking is so good and I can go motor pacing and paddle down the river, and maybe the odd squash game. So I did pick up my phone charger from Lina then like 2 days later I got a new phone from bell. Thank you Bell, the M-500 is one sweet phone. Monday we did a sweet river run from the top of Tamihi to Pointa vista. There was a sweet group, Me, Kristin, Toby, Marion, Tim and Cara. I messed up this one part and got to use my bomber roll, and it worked, Kristin got to roll up 2X and she swam down Tamihi. Then on the way home a boat fell off the roof of the car, oh man that was such a good day. Then yesterday Toby took me motor pacing and we are ripping along and Toby said something but I didn't really hear him cause I was breathing through my eye balls then I looked up and there was this dog being hit by a car and all I saw was this dog flying in the air into the ditch. Toby said watch out for the dog, this lady hit it at like 80km an hr. Then last night I beat Toby at squash, again.


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Anonymous said...

Thank you for announcing to everyone that I swam down tamahi ricky!! You also failed to mention in your blog that I saved your life in that killer hole at pointa vista by slamming in to you.. is that the thanks i get?? tsk tsk!