Thursday, August 23, 2007

What's the deal with home work?

"Take me to your leader." The last week of my life has been unreal. this is what went down.

Aug14 - I went to Squash right after I did this very blog. It was a ricky vs Toby war with full new ones on the line. we only play best of 3 because I got this bike racing thing that I don't want to be dead for, in the winter its best of 7 Stanley cup finals. so Toby wins the first game then but it cost him, he slid to get a shot and cut his hand on the wall and was dripping blood like a coffee maker. with drops of blood all over the court I went on to crush the last 2 games. Later on day I did a river run and I rolled at the end when I was trying to surf this sweet wave under the vedder bridge.

Aug 16. I went mt biking with my Dad. well kind of, I rode my mt bike and he rode the dirt bike. we went all the way up the back side of vedder. half way up there was a deer and my old man went to freak it out by gunning it straight for it and the deer is trying to climb up this cliff and my dad is almost crashing and there is dust all over, "oh its a scene man." then that night we did another river run with and it was good but my arms were like J-E-L-L-O and I just chilled. But big bad Brad swam 3times or 4 I cant really remember. What I do remember is Toby yelling SWIMMER! a couple times.

Aug 18. Motor paced up mt Baker with my dad. and it was fast, we had the scoot pinned the whole way home. Then later that night we did a dinner cruise at Granville island for my Grandparents 50th wedding anniversary, it was very cool. You can really see how bad Stanley park got hit during the storms. I heard a sweet joke from my brother, so how does every racist joke start?.......

Aug 20. I had to go to Victoria to do this M.A.P./skin folds/physio testing. they flew me into Victoria harbor in a float plane out of Fart Langley. the way home was so cool, I asked the pilot if I could sit co-pilot and it was fine, I put the head set on and was listening to everything that was going on. all they do is tell jokes over the head sets, I think these guys know Roddi's Mom. I had some time to kill in down town Vic before my flight left and I did some shopping, walked around MEC, then went into the store called Muffit and Louise and I saw a stove top espresso maker and I just got it, even though it turns out that the one I got on line was waiting for me at the post office. 2heads are better then one right? so 2 espresso's are better then 1.

Aug 22. Corn Dawg, Toby and Marion came over at 830 for espresso then at 930 Toby and I were on the squash court. once again battling for non new ones. this time Toby sucked to say the least, or Ricky was just the man. I was watching lots of tennis on TV over the last week so I think that helped. I beet Toby in 2 games in the best of 3, we played a 3rd game just for kicks and I took Toby 15-1. It was like How fast can you count to 15, that's how long it took me win the last game. Ah but the real story of the game has to come in game 2 when Toby was returning a shot off the back wall and WHAM right in the Neal Kindree(kidney) I got a sweet welt.

Right now. I am drinking unreal espresso and Kurt has picked up the China plague and a custom suit from china as well, Kurt I think you need to put the suit on and go to town. I am just waiting for the UPS guy to come with ti bolts. I planed out my fall adventure program and it looks good. I will post it on here in a couple days.

Toby waiting for the beating of his life!
the welt right after the "shot"
Oh mama, the real "shot"
very nice how much?
the welt this morning.

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