Friday, August 31, 2007

Gooten tack. Veee gates.

I made to to Switzerland and everything is good. Bike is here, I am here, and coffee is here. I had a unreal flight over, first off was my flight Vancouver to Toronto. Then I had 1.5 hr layover in Toronto to kill the time I watched this old guy stumble and crash off the moving walkway. He was not that old and it was very funny, and the group he was with was giving him a hard time. The Flight to Zurich was the best ever, I had 3 seats all to Ricky and I fully made a little bed with all the pillows and blankets I could find. Then I watched “Next” with Nick Cage and Jessica Biel. The movie is all about the Cage dawg being able to tell the future up to 2min in advance. I started watching my movie right away the guy like 3 rows up started watching 10 min after me and I knew was was going to happen next, even before Cage did, yeah it was pretty rad. Then I took a pill and slept the rest of the flight. I am now staying with Sandra's aunt and uncle on a pig farm near Bern. Its really nice here they have a really nice espresso machine. I don't think I slept much last night but I felt OK on the bike today, kind of just got the lead out. Tomorrow we are going to pre ride the course. I think I should sleep good tonight. I am trying my best to understand German and I am doing much better then I thought. I remember taking grade 8 German in school and learning to say “my name is ricky and I am 13years old” and I still remember that, they all are getting a kick out of my German. Meen German ist zer gooot. Vas machst doo? there is Internet here so I will update lots so stay tuned. Went skiing the day before I came out here. See photos. Al vee ter sain.
This is Toby awaiting a nother "new one"

Toby was just as good as Holroyd, maybe better? Maybe Mike and Toby should do helmets and gloves to see? you know helmets and gloves just like when you were 12 in the dressing room? yeah I almost got my head taken off a couple times.

Roster tail Ricky, yaaa das ist gooot.


Michael Holroyd said...
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Michael Holroyd said...

Ya right! Well maybe on skis, but i've seen eat Toby eat it so hard, continuously, on a wake board so I find it hard to believe he is in any better on two planks...

Toby Roessingh said...

I was actually way better on two planks (you can see from the picture that I am standing up!), but first I ate it a few times.

Oh... and I played squash with the big guns today, Ricky, and got some new skills. So you have three weeks to decide where you'd like your new one.

Toby Roessingh said...

Here are the Swiss Cup results -