Monday, January 30, 2012


Winter is over I think. As I write this its like 10c and very nice out. May have to dust of the old 2 wheeler. But we sure got some great turns in last week. Marty and I have kind of been tossing around the idea of doing a 100,000ft vertical week. Its like skiing 14something grand a day for a week straight. We have heard of guys skiing 2 million feet a year but I dont really have a year to try that, but maybe a week. Anyhow Marty and I are lame old farts and we got some work to do. But the work is the fun part, right? we will try a big day again in a week or two.
So Libby got her 475$ stitches removed and like an hour later the cut just opened right up and she had to then hit the "ER" and get some staples. Her new name is now staples. 

Friday Chris Kelly and I hit up the Coq. I thought with the little warm patch we had tuesday night that it would just be ok. But I was wrong. it was bottomless blower and over the head all day. So sick! then to boot they closed the Hwy 20min after we passed through to do Avalanche bombing. We tried to ski Needle trees and the hwy guy said no skiing today guys. then we went to Zoa and same deal. So Chris and I got creative and found a new spot. Its top secret, sorry and No I will not take you there. Unless your polish. It was a little crazy we heard bombs going off all day, kinda crazy. 

parking lot after the ski. Dumped all day and we got to breathe in some sweet 2 stroke fumes. awesome. 

Mr Poland the very next day. Marty was all set to ramp up the kill zone. The goal of the day was to ski 15000ft vertical. We came up short with only 11990. but good effort none the less. we did 7 runs and the 2nd last one a storm rolled in and blew the pow around. the last run everything warmed up and it was full soft serve at the bottom. but a great day was had. We will nail that 15g soon. I just got to let my heals heal up and we should be good to go. 

euro trash on the skin track. 

nice jacket, full 6 incher.

send it bro

dude man! this run made me poo my pants every time we got to the top of it. 

just get pitted dude

Marty "waaaaa waaaa its to steep. who made the skin track, its to steep."

yeah folks the pow pow. 

Monday, January 23, 2012

wheel in the sky

Oh the wheel in the sky keeps on turning. I really don't know where I'll be tomorrow.... but yesterday Melanie and I hit the coq for some powtastic skiing. Saturday we hit the resort at baker and it was ok but I just hate the lifts cause I get so sick, I think its that I'm so nervous sitting on the chair that it makes me want to puke. (yes I know send me the cup) Then also its like your in the white room all day and all you see is these little people moving around and its like vertigo or something. So I would rather earn my turns any day. but it is good to ride the lifts every now and then I guess.
von earning her turns.

Our new friends Paul and Chris. these guys do avalanche work for Hwy's. We ran into them last week also but had no idea that they might have the dream job. they live in hope too. Oh the dream. Anyhow they had this awesome pit dug so we grilled them on what was going down with the snow pack. Good times and a little learning took place, thanks so much guys. Hope to run into you guys again. 

what goes up must come down! 

the trusty tercel in its element! bring it snow and Ice!

yeeeee haw! Craig the cowboy. Saddle up! on his way to waste some bullets and drink beer Im sure. 

I think Max can now roll over. You can teach an old dog new tricks.  That is the fat off some unreal pork chops from an awesome butcher in North van. they only take cash and the cash register is like 100years old. best butcher ever! Max really liked the pork fat too. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

When I grow up I wanna be an Actuary.

Well its all good in the hood. Connor, Craig and I skied the Coq today, and it was really good. The drive up there was just nut bar with transport trucks in the ditch all over the place. But the trusty Tercel wagon made it safe and sound, as always. It even got us out of a serious tight spot with its ballin 4 wheel drive, Connor was impressed. Oh yeah the ski was really good also like 2.5 feet of fresh blower pow. Only thing is that is kinda cold, the drivebc hwy cam is saying -22. Its like alberta but no oil and no big rock brewery. Just pow and salmon.
Libby took a hit this week, she did a 4 wheel drift into some sort of something and 475$ later she is good to go, maybe I should be a vet and not an Actuary. 

picked up some 2 way radios from Costco these things are key when skiing in the trees. I might save my voice cause of them, as for my toes well thats a different story

Cmoney on the up track.

connor with a pow eating grin.

yup, this is as good as it gets!

face shots all day. It was so cold on your face!

Craig's first day out. good day to be a first day. 

drive home, Costco sized potato chips and beer slushy 

Monday, January 16, 2012

Chicks and Blow(er)

Winter is back! Its about time. If things go the way the weather man says I'll be skiing chest deep powder right out my front door. As we all know the weather man is always right so so time will tell. Its been a busy couple weeks, the farm got some new chicks on Jan 6th and the little buggers are growing like weeds, so good!
Saturday Melanie,  Etsell, and I hit baker to ski the blueberry shoots and  it was storming hard! I almost got blown right off the mountain. Vis was not so good and things were getting really wind loaded really fast. We did a couple runs and called it a day. But still got some good turns in. It was a full white room day. 

one of the little baby chicks. this is when they were one week old.

there is 6900 little ones here. its like 80f in the barn and they are looking really good , happy and healthy. 

Sunday Vonshreda and I hit the coq for what was maybe the best day of the year ( I know I say everyday is the best day but this one was really good) 

oh deep!

coq smoke

get some!

Just sending it! Melanie makes me wear a helmet now. She said I really only have half a brain so I should try and protect it. skiing hard and half a brain go hand in hand. I find myself skiing a whole lot dumber with the lid on because its kinda a license to hit trees right?

like the coq is like so like unreal! its like my fav. Like Connor do you wanna like ski like tuesday at the like coq like? or do you have a like meeting with like Steve? 

skied right to the car. and no thats not my car. but I thought the sunlight on the mt back there looks nice. 

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Hawaiian Hangover.

Oh its good to be back home. I've done a bit of skiing the last while but not to much cause its been either warm and wet or I've been busy with work. It was a great end of the year and looking forward to 2012 happy new year everyone.
Connor and I did Mt Outram in Manning park. It was our first time on outram and it blew my mind!  You park at like 700m and climb on up to the summit at 2400m, its a big mountain but well worth the work to get up it. From the top the view is unreal and the 1000m ski down even more unreal! Connor and I kinda lucked out with conditions, we went on a cold day after a warm and wet spell. The snow was a little skimpy on the lower parts of the trail but as we got up to the alpine it was getting deep and blower. Outram is the boss, I will be back. 

Corn Dawg lunching it up. check out all the terrain behind him, Outram is a great area!

Connor near the top. 

view from the top.

self portrait at 2400m. thats mt baker in the far background.  

the G3 Manhattan ready to slay the pow pow.

some turns near the top.

uh huh! I like!


Nearing the bottom of our 1000m powder eating  session.

the alder trees at the end of the run made Connor really happy. 

riding the Marmot 

boxxing day Marty, Etsell and I hit up Zoa peak at the Coq for some more powder. I know eh, Marty come out to the promise land, its a miracle. The Coq was great that day. good vis, and deep snow. 

Marty thinking the snow might be to deep. 

Etsell loving life.

the week between Christmas and new years Melanie, Connor and I made the trip to the Duffey  Lake area. We skied Joffre Shoulder the first day then over to the Mt Rohr area for the second day. Avi danger was really high all weekend so we played very safe doing multiple short runs in the trees.  

skin to win.

Connor out of control .

more skinning. the snow was really nice above 1700m we found some very fun pillows on the way down and just had a ball. 

Connor getting the goods. 

log ride. 

day 2

Vonshredder and the master about to farm some pow near mt rohr

lots of snow.

unreal views.

yes the duffey is very fun. I will be back. 

someone is hungry. 

new years eve Corndawg, Dawg brew, Etsell and I hit the coq. we stuck to needle trees and just slayed 70cm of fresh snow all day. I dont really have a bunch of photos because we were all to busy skiing the blower pow but this one is of connor pooing his pants. from the top of the ridge to the bottom we timed a run and it was 3min 22seconds. the legs would just be on fire at the end. Im not really a numbers guy but it was a 400m run and we did 5 laps. The snow was as good as it gets.