Tuesday, January 17, 2012

When I grow up I wanna be an Actuary.

Well its all good in the hood. Connor, Craig and I skied the Coq today, and it was really good. The drive up there was just nut bar with transport trucks in the ditch all over the place. But the trusty Tercel wagon made it safe and sound, as always. It even got us out of a serious tight spot with its ballin 4 wheel drive, Connor was impressed. Oh yeah the ski was really good also like 2.5 feet of fresh blower pow. Only thing is that is kinda cold, the drivebc hwy cam is saying -22. Its like alberta but no oil and no big rock brewery. Just pow and salmon.
Libby took a hit this week, she did a 4 wheel drift into some sort of something and 475$ later she is good to go, maybe I should be a vet and not an Actuary. 

picked up some 2 way radios from Costco these things are key when skiing in the trees. I might save my voice cause of them, as for my toes well thats a different story

Cmoney on the up track.

connor with a pow eating grin.

yup, this is as good as it gets!

face shots all day. It was so cold on your face!

Craig's first day out. good day to be a first day. 

drive home, Costco sized potato chips and beer slushy 

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