Monday, January 23, 2012

wheel in the sky

Oh the wheel in the sky keeps on turning. I really don't know where I'll be tomorrow.... but yesterday Melanie and I hit the coq for some powtastic skiing. Saturday we hit the resort at baker and it was ok but I just hate the lifts cause I get so sick, I think its that I'm so nervous sitting on the chair that it makes me want to puke. (yes I know send me the cup) Then also its like your in the white room all day and all you see is these little people moving around and its like vertigo or something. So I would rather earn my turns any day. but it is good to ride the lifts every now and then I guess.
von earning her turns.

Our new friends Paul and Chris. these guys do avalanche work for Hwy's. We ran into them last week also but had no idea that they might have the dream job. they live in hope too. Oh the dream. Anyhow they had this awesome pit dug so we grilled them on what was going down with the snow pack. Good times and a little learning took place, thanks so much guys. Hope to run into you guys again. 

what goes up must come down! 

the trusty tercel in its element! bring it snow and Ice!

yeeeee haw! Craig the cowboy. Saddle up! on his way to waste some bullets and drink beer Im sure. 

I think Max can now roll over. You can teach an old dog new tricks.  That is the fat off some unreal pork chops from an awesome butcher in North van. they only take cash and the cash register is like 100years old. best butcher ever! Max really liked the pork fat too. 

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