Monday, January 30, 2012


Winter is over I think. As I write this its like 10c and very nice out. May have to dust of the old 2 wheeler. But we sure got some great turns in last week. Marty and I have kind of been tossing around the idea of doing a 100,000ft vertical week. Its like skiing 14something grand a day for a week straight. We have heard of guys skiing 2 million feet a year but I dont really have a year to try that, but maybe a week. Anyhow Marty and I are lame old farts and we got some work to do. But the work is the fun part, right? we will try a big day again in a week or two.
So Libby got her 475$ stitches removed and like an hour later the cut just opened right up and she had to then hit the "ER" and get some staples. Her new name is now staples. 

Friday Chris Kelly and I hit up the Coq. I thought with the little warm patch we had tuesday night that it would just be ok. But I was wrong. it was bottomless blower and over the head all day. So sick! then to boot they closed the Hwy 20min after we passed through to do Avalanche bombing. We tried to ski Needle trees and the hwy guy said no skiing today guys. then we went to Zoa and same deal. So Chris and I got creative and found a new spot. Its top secret, sorry and No I will not take you there. Unless your polish. It was a little crazy we heard bombs going off all day, kinda crazy. 

parking lot after the ski. Dumped all day and we got to breathe in some sweet 2 stroke fumes. awesome. 

Mr Poland the very next day. Marty was all set to ramp up the kill zone. The goal of the day was to ski 15000ft vertical. We came up short with only 11990. but good effort none the less. we did 7 runs and the 2nd last one a storm rolled in and blew the pow around. the last run everything warmed up and it was full soft serve at the bottom. but a great day was had. We will nail that 15g soon. I just got to let my heals heal up and we should be good to go. 

euro trash on the skin track. 

nice jacket, full 6 incher.

send it bro

dude man! this run made me poo my pants every time we got to the top of it. 

just get pitted dude

Marty "waaaaa waaaa its to steep. who made the skin track, its to steep."

yeah folks the pow pow. 

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