Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Hawaiian Hangover.

Oh its good to be back home. I've done a bit of skiing the last while but not to much cause its been either warm and wet or I've been busy with work. It was a great end of the year and looking forward to 2012 happy new year everyone.
Connor and I did Mt Outram in Manning park. It was our first time on outram and it blew my mind!  You park at like 700m and climb on up to the summit at 2400m, its a big mountain but well worth the work to get up it. From the top the view is unreal and the 1000m ski down even more unreal! Connor and I kinda lucked out with conditions, we went on a cold day after a warm and wet spell. The snow was a little skimpy on the lower parts of the trail but as we got up to the alpine it was getting deep and blower. Outram is the boss, I will be back. 

Corn Dawg lunching it up. check out all the terrain behind him, Outram is a great area!

Connor near the top. 

view from the top.

self portrait at 2400m. thats mt baker in the far background.  

the G3 Manhattan ready to slay the pow pow.

some turns near the top.

uh huh! I like!


Nearing the bottom of our 1000m powder eating  session.

the alder trees at the end of the run made Connor really happy. 

riding the Marmot 

boxxing day Marty, Etsell and I hit up Zoa peak at the Coq for some more powder. I know eh, Marty come out to the promise land, its a miracle. The Coq was great that day. good vis, and deep snow. 

Marty thinking the snow might be to deep. 

Etsell loving life.

the week between Christmas and new years Melanie, Connor and I made the trip to the Duffey  Lake area. We skied Joffre Shoulder the first day then over to the Mt Rohr area for the second day. Avi danger was really high all weekend so we played very safe doing multiple short runs in the trees.  

skin to win.

Connor out of control .

more skinning. the snow was really nice above 1700m we found some very fun pillows on the way down and just had a ball. 

Connor getting the goods. 

log ride. 

day 2

Vonshredder and the master about to farm some pow near mt rohr

lots of snow.

unreal views.

yes the duffey is very fun. I will be back. 

someone is hungry. 

new years eve Corndawg, Dawg brew, Etsell and I hit the coq. we stuck to needle trees and just slayed 70cm of fresh snow all day. I dont really have a bunch of photos because we were all to busy skiing the blower pow but this one is of connor pooing his pants. from the top of the ridge to the bottom we timed a run and it was 3min 22seconds. the legs would just be on fire at the end. Im not really a numbers guy but it was a 400m run and we did 5 laps. The snow was as good as it gets. 

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