Monday, January 16, 2012

Chicks and Blow(er)

Winter is back! Its about time. If things go the way the weather man says I'll be skiing chest deep powder right out my front door. As we all know the weather man is always right so so time will tell. Its been a busy couple weeks, the farm got some new chicks on Jan 6th and the little buggers are growing like weeds, so good!
Saturday Melanie,  Etsell, and I hit baker to ski the blueberry shoots and  it was storming hard! I almost got blown right off the mountain. Vis was not so good and things were getting really wind loaded really fast. We did a couple runs and called it a day. But still got some good turns in. It was a full white room day. 

one of the little baby chicks. this is when they were one week old.

there is 6900 little ones here. its like 80f in the barn and they are looking really good , happy and healthy. 

Sunday Vonshreda and I hit the coq for what was maybe the best day of the year ( I know I say everyday is the best day but this one was really good) 

oh deep!

coq smoke

get some!

Just sending it! Melanie makes me wear a helmet now. She said I really only have half a brain so I should try and protect it. skiing hard and half a brain go hand in hand. I find myself skiing a whole lot dumber with the lid on because its kinda a license to hit trees right?

like the coq is like so like unreal! its like my fav. Like Connor do you wanna like ski like tuesday at the like coq like? or do you have a like meeting with like Steve? 

skied right to the car. and no thats not my car. but I thought the sunlight on the mt back there looks nice. 

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