Wednesday, April 27, 2011

wet duo

Since the forecast is calling for rain and rain and more rain I figured I should dust off the old boat and get out for a paddle. So this afternoon Jon and I did a little river run on the Chilliwack. I just want to get a couple easy ones under my belt before the river goes uber high. Spring is so unreal! We just did Tamihi down to pointa vista. Then rushed back had coffee at waves then had coffee again at waves. then hit a short wet mt bike ride. What an awesome day!

why hello old friend, how you doing?

going big on small rapids.

This will be an awesome standing wave in a month.

vedder mt on a wednesday afternoon, boo yeah!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

What a great weekend! Friday was so "good"! I skied in the Cheam Area with with Nate Etsell and we had an awesome day! I also did a couple laps of vedder then ate Easter dinner on my Dads side.
Saturday I just worked and at Easter Dinner on my Moms side.
Sunday was a huge day at Vedder with hero dirt and there was even chocolate eggs all over the trail, no joke!

top of the den. to much snow so I only did one lap of it.

did a lap with one of the legends of our sport. Super T can shred for sure.

The Dawg sending it.

very nice! oh vedder is so good.

Some Chilliwack redneck drove his dick swinger off the bridge. No one was hurt and they were so luck to be alive.

the cheam ski involved a little hiking with skis on your back. you know its spring when.

April turns. boo yeah!

skining with lady peak in the background

saw this on the way up. take a guess what it is? Im going to say a fox.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

One Day Garibaldi Neve Traverse

Sunday Marty, Stephen, and I did the Garibaldi - Neve traverse in one day. We got hit with just about every kind of weather you can imagine. We did the whole thing in just under 12 hours with waiting for some weather to clear so we didn't ski of a huge cornice. You know its a gooder when you finish the day and your feet look like hamburger. What a great day.
the bro's at the parking lot at the start.
on the way to elfin lakes.
the boys coming out of ring creek.
marty taking a break with just a shirt on. April right!
a storm rolling in.
mmmm turns
just before the decent on to Garibaldi lake. ten min after this photo was taken a huge storm rolled in and kind of made for some skiing by braille. but we got on to the lake just fine.
water stop.

almost done the lake.

Monday, April 18, 2011


I just love spring time. You can do everything in one day. Friday Marty and I took full advantage of a nice april day in Abbotsford with a morning ski in the baker area then a little mt bike rip at ledgeview. Such an awesome day.
Marty ramping up the kill zone.
Boo yeahhh!
send it bro
Max and I watching the hockey game.
the trails were just mint!

Nice view of the sumas prairie.

Monday, April 11, 2011

New Whip

So I kind of got on this bike racing team for this year. Its all good. The team is called Nativo Concepts. Marty is kind of organizing the the west coast side of things and we are going to be doing some very sweet races this year.

The team for the west coast side of things is Marty Lazarski, Neal Kindree and myself. We got our bikes last friday and had a little bit of a build party. then went for a ride on the shore, oh the north shore! we really sent it over some huge 40 foot gap jumps and such. The bike we are racing this year is the Devinci Dexter SL. The bike is just awesome and really rips. I've been on a couple rides since the build and Im just loving it!
my new ride at the top of ledgeview in Abbotsford, trails were mint and the bike was bomber
post ride on the shore, Hey Neal, the 80's called and they want their jacket back.

oh happy day!

Thursday, April 07, 2011

old man winter!

Just when you think it's over old man winter makes an epic come back. I just had two of the best days of the year in April, oh mama! Now they are calling for 13 sun and awesome mt biking and I should really dust off the old boat. Tuesday with Marty at hollyburn trees and Wednesday with Etsell at the the Coq.
Etsell at the top of needle ridge
Marty sending it over a skin track gap, yeah bra
Stephen at the top, or is it norona?
marty ramping up his kill zone.

Monday, April 04, 2011

April Fool's

Oh what a great weekend! It was a classic west coast April weekend, pissing rain or looking like it was going to piss rain. Oh gotta love the moisture! So Saturday Nathan Etsell and I went up to the coq for some Pow and all we did was ski for a couple hours and cause some nice little slides with this really wet heavy slab that fell overnight, gotta love april right? we kind of cut the day short and ended up drinking coffee at the blue moose. Sunday was a little better, did the Fraser Valley Mountain bike association twonie race up on Sumas Mt. So much fun! trails were so muddy and I felt right at home. The race was a full on super D and I felt the burn in my lungs so bad! Im still coughing up a lung. The race was a little over 11min and Arthur was 5 sec back from me, that boy can sure shred the down and sure made me feel nervous in the end. just an awesome day. then I had a 2hr nap and watched waynes world, Party on wayne!
Photo of Ricky from Dave Mackie:
Karen "party animal" Rogers. this is really what these races are all about, eating cows and BSing all about how you kept the rubber side down.
Buying or selling a home? Simpson Notaries.
Etsell causing a avalanche, dude lets just drink coffee in hope.

Friday, April 01, 2011

Crowsnest pass.

Just got back from the crowsnest pass. Met up with Troy and Christine and had a couple days of awesome skiing. Day one we did a huge day in the Waterton National park and the second day did a sled access in coleman. I kinda got sick in the process also. go figure, drive 13hrs then ski for 9hrs, and then get sick, really? what a great weekend.
C and T
Day 2 feeling the burn.
Ricky and Christine at waterton park with Cameron lake in the back ground.
I stopped for coffee in Cranbrook, yeah rick is a fine piece of meat.
Jay this ones for you. Keep the rubber side down.
The walking dead after a massive day.
this deer was so tame, it came so close to the window, troy told me to pet it, I rolled up the window. I thought the thing was going to bite me.
This is as good as it gets. I just love t and c's little house. so nice and the truck and sled. life is good.
troy forgot his poles. so he just made some new "natural organic" poles.
I skied fernie nordic on the drive out. so good!
thats the biggest day I've ever done.
Troy drove the sled through the back window. I really like the cardboard and duct tape. Also I guess this wouldn't be alberta without a gun rack. thats luke sitting beside me.
Fernie skate ski.
top of summit peak in the waterton park.
pancake breakfast at Chris'. I asked how big the pancakes are, this old guy in the corner said they are as big as Lincon hub caps. True that!
oh Foxy Lady! Saw this guy at waterton.
custom boot job for split boards.