Monday, April 04, 2011

April Fool's

Oh what a great weekend! It was a classic west coast April weekend, pissing rain or looking like it was going to piss rain. Oh gotta love the moisture! So Saturday Nathan Etsell and I went up to the coq for some Pow and all we did was ski for a couple hours and cause some nice little slides with this really wet heavy slab that fell overnight, gotta love april right? we kind of cut the day short and ended up drinking coffee at the blue moose. Sunday was a little better, did the Fraser Valley Mountain bike association twonie race up on Sumas Mt. So much fun! trails were so muddy and I felt right at home. The race was a full on super D and I felt the burn in my lungs so bad! Im still coughing up a lung. The race was a little over 11min and Arthur was 5 sec back from me, that boy can sure shred the down and sure made me feel nervous in the end. just an awesome day. then I had a 2hr nap and watched waynes world, Party on wayne!
Photo of Ricky from Dave Mackie:
Karen "party animal" Rogers. this is really what these races are all about, eating cows and BSing all about how you kept the rubber side down.
Buying or selling a home? Simpson Notaries.
Etsell causing a avalanche, dude lets just drink coffee in hope.

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