Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!

What a great weekend! Friday was so "good"! I skied in the Cheam Area with with Nate Etsell and we had an awesome day! I also did a couple laps of vedder then ate Easter dinner on my Dads side.
Saturday I just worked and at Easter Dinner on my Moms side.
Sunday was a huge day at Vedder with hero dirt and there was even chocolate eggs all over the trail, no joke!

top of the den. to much snow so I only did one lap of it.

did a lap with one of the legends of our sport. Super T can shred for sure.

The Dawg sending it.

very nice! oh vedder is so good.

Some Chilliwack redneck drove his dick swinger off the bridge. No one was hurt and they were so luck to be alive.

the cheam ski involved a little hiking with skis on your back. you know its spring when.

April turns. boo yeah!

skining with lady peak in the background

saw this on the way up. take a guess what it is? Im going to say a fox.

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